Offset Printed Baseball Pins

Examples of offset printed or full color pins.

Offset Printed Baseball Pins are the ideal choice for detailed designs, and complex coloring, such as gradient or gradual color changes, or when you don’t want thin metal lines separating colors and text. Modifications such as danglers, spinners and jewels can also be added.

Your offset printed baseball pins are created by printing your art onto a vinyl layer atop iron sheet metal. Once the sheet is printed a custom die will punch out your offset printed baseball pins, which are then covered with a smooth, clear epoxy dome. This dome seals in the image and gives a crystal appearance which looks really slick.

Ready in 8-12 days depending on your baseball pin style and design. Call us now for more information at 1-888-988-1746 or fill out the quote form.

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Offset Printed pins are 0.8mm thick (before epoxy). Upgrade to 1.2mm for just 5 cents per pin!

** While we make every effort to maintain the web site to ensure the accuracy of prices, prices are subject to change without notice. Please call 1-888-998-1746 for accurate pricing or complete our quote form to learn more.