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What are USSSA pins? In this guide, we'll talk you through everything you need to know about collecting USSSA baseball pins.

In 2018, more than 25 million American kids played baseball or softball. Of those, nearly 15 million were "core" players meaning they played 13 or more times in a year. 

As the participation rate for softball and baseball continues to rise, so does the demand for USSSA pins. So if you're wondering what USSSA pins are, you'll want to keep reading. 

In this article, you'll learn all about these pins and the impact they have on youth sports. 

usssa pins
What are USSSA Pins?

What Is USSSA?

The United States Speciality Sports Association (USSSA) is a nonprofit organization based in Viera, Florida. The organization's original name was the United States Slowpitch Softball Association. But, in 1998, they changed their name so the organization could expand to more sports. 

The organization currently governs 13 sports, including:

Although USSSA now encompasses many sports, collecting trading pins is most popular with baseball and softball teams.

The History of Trading Pins

Trading pins started in 1896 with the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Athletes and officials wore and traded little cardboard markers. 

These markers were colorful and helped to identify each team. In addition, athletes traded pins as an act of good sportsmanship. 

In 1908, the Olympic games in Paris spurred pin trading. Now pins represented different groups like:

Later, in 1912, there were pins for spectators too. Pin trading was a tradition by the 1924 Olympic games, again in Paris. At this time, the Olympic Village opened, which encouraged athletes to trade pins as a sign of goodwill. 

In the 1980s, corporations started to sponsor and sell their pins too. Around this time, the first official pin for the Little League Series was also made.

usssa pins
Trading Pins at USSSA

Types of USSSA Pins

As mentioned, pin trading is most common amongst baseball and softball teams. Each team trades pins with other teams and with fans.

Most pin creators also create special pins, like Little League World Series pins. This is because it's exciting for kids to celebrate their team's accomplishments when they make it into big tournaments, such as the World Series. 

There are several different styles of USSSA pins that are popular. Let's check a few of them out.

Soft Enamel Pins

One of the most popular types of softball and baseball trading pins is embossed or custom soft enamel pins. These pins start as an iron base. Then, they are die-struck to create recessed areas.

The areas are filled with color or soft enamel paint. The color sits lower than the raised metal lines. This gives the pins a textured look and feel.

The colors harden when fired at low heat. With soft enamel pins, there are endless options. Some include:

Embossed pins are great for simple and moderately complex designs. They offer a high-quality finish and appearance. In addition, you can have several colors on the pins, including PMS (Pantone) color matching, bright, vivid, or neon colors.

However, there is a limit on the number of colors you can choose. Further, because they are hand-colored, they take longer to make and are priced higher than other pin types.

Photo Screen Pins

Another popular option for USSSA pins is photo screen pins (screenprint, silkscreen, or offset print). These pins are very versatile. They are excellent for detailed designs with complex coloring since they can recreate designs down to the smallest detail.

This includes gradient or gradual color changes. They also offer a smooth look without the thin metal lines separating colors. 

If you want to transfer an existing logo or design, it's easy to do so. 

Your artwork goes onto a vinyl layer atop iron sheet metal to make these pins. Next, the sheet is printed, and custom dye punches out your pin. Finally, each pin gets a coat of clear epoxy dome. The dome seals the image but also gives a nice slick look.

Offset print pins offer a lower price with that full-color appearance. They are also faster to make than soft enamel pins.

Yet, these pins still feel lighter and therefore are not as durable. The backs can break with rough handling. Compared with soft enamel pins, the colors may not be as vibrant or bright. 

Because of this, some teams view photo screen pins as cheap.

Quick and Stock Pins

Quick pins are the way to go for teams that don't have much time. Quick pins come in limited designs and styles because are ready to ship in just a few days. However, if you want a fully customizable pin, it's important to order pins early. 

Stocks pins are always in stock. Teams can have them in as little as one day if necessary. However, they are not customizable. There are generic and exclusive options to choose from, but they will not have your team name.

Pin Enhancements

Design and quality are essential because they add value to the pin. The more creative the design, the more in-demand the pin will be. Consider adding enhancements or modifications to take your team baseball pins to the next level. 

Some of these enhancements include:

Of course, each added modification will cost an extra fee. But, they are a sure way to make your team and pin stand out amongst the crowd.

Order Your USSSA Baseball Pins Today

Baseball and softball USSSA pins continue to grow in popularity thanks to their long history and full-spirited meaning. As more kids get involved in these sports, pins will remain an excellent way to install good sportsmanship and teamwork.

If you're ready to place an order, get a free quote with us at Baseball Trading Pins. You can't beat our customizable pin prices!

If you're wondering when you should order your USSSA pins, and how many you should order at a time, check out this article to learn it all!

Are you looking to order USSSA pins for your baseball team soon? The value of collector's items (including baseball pins and other sports memorabilia) may be on the rise.

Planning out how many pins to order, and deciding when to order them can be a hassle. You don't want to order too many and have a bunch left over, but you don't want to order too few, and not have enough for your players to trade.

Luckily, we put together this guide to help you decide when you should order your baseball pins, and how many to order.

What Are Baseball Pins?

Team baseball pins are collectible pins that can have the team name, player names, year, and other cool stats about your team on display. You can collect and trade other team's pins to have a great souvenir of the teams and games from that year.


Having custom baseball trading pins can be a great way to boost team confidence and morale. Players will be glad to have an official pin celebrating their accomplishments as a team.

When Should You Order USSSA Pins?

First, you should consider when you want your team members to get the pins. Do you want to give them to your players for their first game? Or save it for the tournament?

If you want your players to have team baseball pins from the start of the season, you may want to order more than if you are just ordering them for the tournament.

Your players may want to trade pins throughout the season with other teams, and you'll want to have enough for them to trade with all the teams you'll play.

Many teams give the players their pins when they go to a tournament to celebrate the big game. This is a great time for players to get to know other baseball players and even make lifelong friends.

Once you decide when you want to get the players their pins, you'll need to know what kind of pins you are ordering so you can order in advance. There are a variety of customizations that can make for some really cool tradable pins, but these will take longer to make.

Generally, it can take anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks to get custom pins made and delivered. You can get some ready-made USSSA pins or stock shape and size pins in as little as four business days. So this can be a great option if you're in a hurry.

If you're looking for custom baseball trading pins, creation and delivery can take up to 8-12 days for offset printed pins, or up to 3 weeks for enamel pins. Just to be safe, it's a good idea to order these pins about a month in advance of the big event or tournament.

Things to Consider When Ordering Custom Pins

When you're looking to order custom pins, you need to consider your budget. It can be cheaper to get some standard custom pins in bulk. Adding extra features such as glitter or spinners can cost extra per pin.

First, consider your total pin budget, and the total number of pins you want to order. This can help you determine a good price on how much you are willing to pay for each one. Pins with lots of customization options might take a little longer to produce, so make sure you're ordering them well in advance!

Once you've decided on a good price for the pin, you can start looking at what customization options you can afford to get the coolest pins you can for trading.

fastpitch trading pins

Having a cool pin means that many players will want to trade for it at the tournament. This also increases its value as a collectible item later on.

Finally, consider the economic effects of supply and demand. You want to make sure to order enough pins to keep all your players happy, without having too many that they won't be worth as much later on.

How Many Baseball Pins Should You Order?

While the big pin trading teams sometimes buy up to 30-50 pins per player, there is no need for Little League teams to have that many.

If you are giving the pins to the players right before the tournament, you only need about as many Little League pins per player on your team as there are the number of teams playing, plus a few extras to give to their friends and family.

This way, players can usually collect a complete set if they find the right people to trade with. If you have around 15 players on the team, and you have a huge tournament of 16 teams, you'll want to order around 250-300 pins at least.

For smaller tournaments, you might not need quite that many, and you can always decide to order fewer to keep costs down. We also have a guide that can help you calculate how many pins to order based on your team.

Don't forget to order extra pins, just in case. Kids have a way of losing small items, especially if they have access to them for longer than just the tournament. Your players might also want to give some extra pins to their grandparents, other relatives, or friends from school.

Know How and When to Order USSSA Pins

Trading USSSA pins is a great pastime for Little League baseball players, and it can be a lot of fun to find rare and popular pins from other teams. It can also be a blast to ask your team members for their input on how to design your team's custom baseball trading pins.

Make sure you order about a month in advance for custom pins, or at least a week in advance for stock pins, and make sure you order enough pins for everyone on your team to be able to trade with all their friends.

Ready to order your custom USSSA baseball pins? Get a quote from us today! We can help you save money on your pins with stock shapes or help you create a fully customized pin to help your team stand out.

Hello Pin Traders! Today’s post talks about another one of our most frequently asked questions: How many baseball trading pins should we buy for our team?

The goal in buying baseball trading pins is to maximize the fun and memories your kids will share during pin trading, while minimizing the amount of cost to mom and dad. Unfortunately, most tournaments don’t provide you with guidelines when it comes to buying sports pins

A rule of thumb we’ve developed over the years after getting feedback from parents post tournament is the following:

(# of kids on your team) x (number of teams in the tournament) + 5-10%.

Theoretically, this gives every kid on your team the opportunity to trade with every team in the tournament, or come away with a full set per say. A few reasons for the 5-10% extra:

1) Parents recommend having a few for younger siblings to trade, happy kids = happy parents.

2) Kids will want a couple extra to give or trade with friends.

3) Always good to have a couple extra to make up for lost pins, kids do the darndest things

There are not many reasons to buy more than this equation, the only instance we see is with a team that knows it will be playing in multiple tournaments.

There are however a few reasons to buy less.

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To learn about a few proven design methods that will allow you to buy less without necessary having to fork over more cost per pin, check out another article of ours on pin tradability

To find out more about trading pins, click the red ‘Get Pricing Now’ button below, or give us a call at 888-998-1746 to get started on your teams design today!

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