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April 16, 2019

Running the Bases: The Best Conditioning Drills for Your Little League Team

April 16, 2019

Little league baseball and softball are the world's largest youth sports program. And it was founded in 1939. And as we all know, baseball is America's original favorite pastime!

There's no question about it. We love the game. And our little ones love playing. So forming a little league baseball team was a cinch. But you want you and your team to fully appreciate the sport. And to do this, you must take it seriously with the best conditioning drills.

If you're on the lookout for the best youth baseball drills for your team, then look no further. We have everything you're looking for. Keep reading to learn some of the best baseball drills for kids!



It's important to always start with some warmups during conditioning drills. You want your team's little muscles to get moving and prepared for a game. Have your team do light running activities to really get the blood flowing before completing stretches.

Also, consider throwing in a couple of jumping jacks to really get those muscles active. And it's good to keep the same routine for each practice and warmups before games. This helps the little ones know exactly what to do and what to expect.

Arm Stretches

Arm stretches can be done by left over right, then right over left. You can also stretch the arms by having the elbows stretched behind the shoulder. And they can also try big and small arm circles.

Any other arm stretches that you have in mind can be added into the routine!

Leg Stretches

Once the arms are stretched, move on to the legs. You'll want to have them stretch their hamstrings and quads. Try some karaokes to put those muscles in use.

For stretching their hamstrings, have them stand with feet apart and touch the ground. Then, just as you did with the arm stretches, do left leg over right and right leg over left. Have them bend their knee and bring one leg up.

Make them hold that position for a couple of seconds. You can raise the number of seconds as they get better.

Jump Squat

A jump squat starts out low to the ground in a frog-like position. Knees are apart and bent while hands are flat on the ground between the feet. Then, they jump up and their hands stretch above their body like during a jumping jack.

These are one of the best baseball drills. And the kids will have fun doing them.

Passing The Ball

After you've had your team complete these great muscle preppers, it's time to start the real action! Have them practice passing the ball. This gets them more confident with the ball in general.

They learn how to both throw and catch the ball. This helps them know how to track down a fly ball, catch it, and then make a pass.

Scoop Drills

Scoop drills are used to teach the younger ones how to use the glove. You can take an empty milk carton and cut the bottom and top side out to resemble a glove but with a handle. They learn how to scoop the ball up from the ground with the scooper.

But it essentially teaches them the idea of what a glove is for and how it works. It's easier for them to use than the glove. And you can teach them how to position it for each situation.

Alligator Arms

Alligator Arms drill is a way to teach the young baseball stars how to catch the rolling ball with both hands. Refer to the ball as alligator food and their arms and hands are the alligator's jaw. This helps them better understand the drill.

Have them stand in a line side by side. And practice rolling the ball to each player. They should position their glove in front of the ball.

And when it reaches the glove, have them close it in the glove with the other arm. This drill can also be done with waist or shoulder high throws.


If your team needs a boost with hand-eye coordination, then pepper drills are your new best friend! Have two groups of players with gloves on. They should be in a line and facing you.

Have them stand about 10 ft apart. And designate one play to catch balls for you. You'll be about the same distance away from the players. Hit ground balls towards them.

But make sure to keep them on their toes by switching up the direction you're hitting in. This helps build quick reaction times. The players then catch the balls and pass them to the designated player that's catching them and giving them back to you.

Keep up the fast pace. And players who miss a catch are eliminated.

Catching Flies

Fly balls are not always directly in the path of a player. So teaching them how to catch flies helps them practice catching balls that aren't hit right to them. It'll teach the players how to use their feet and range when catching these balls.


Finally, you can have your young players practice with a scrimmage. There should be three groups of players. One team bats.

Another team plays catcher, pitcher, and infield. The last group plays infield and outfield. Once the batting team gets three outs, they switch to the outfield and everyone rotates.

This prepares them for what an actual game will look like. And after completing enough scrimmages, they will be more comfortable playing in the actual game.

Awesome Conditioning Drills Deserve Team Pins

If you're looking for some awesome conditioning drills for your little league baseball team, then keep these drills in mind. And once your team of all-stars has shown amazing improvement, reward them with cool baseball trading pins.

Baseball trading pins can be customized for your individual team. And your young players will love them! Check out our pin gallery here.

And don't forget to request a free quote!

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