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Crystal Blinker Pins

Crystal Blinker Pins

Pins with bling and blinkers are some of the most valuable sought after trading pins come pin trading time!. A well-placed crystal or blinker on your trading pin can give your pin that extra pop that it needs to get the attention your team pins deserve.

Our  crystal and blinker enhancement options from Baseball Trading Pins makes it very easy to get your hands on high-value pins.

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Adding Enhancements to Your Pins

Take advantage of our pin upgrade enhancements to make your pins unique. Enhancements are little modifications that we make to your pins to add special features. We add glitter, blinkers, crystals, cut outs, bobbleheads, and even glow-in-the-dark enamel. 

You can add one or multiple upgrade enhancement options to your trading pins to really add the WOW factor to your trading pins! Each upgrade option adds a few cents to the price of each pin, making enhancements an easy way to upgrade pins and really make them stand out from the others. 

Crystal Shine Like Diamonds

Crystal enhancements add little crystals to specific parts of your pin. In the right light, they reflect the light back and appear to shine. Crystals are great for adding a casual shine effect to your pins. Adding that bling really enhances your trading pin design! They also resemble diamonds, letting you add a luxury element that is rare and valuable. 

Blinkers Create Flare

Some pin designs require a brighter, more aggressive light option. Blinkers let you place flashing lights in your trading pin design. Faces with flashing eyes or a flaming fastball look much better when you add blinkers.

Pricing for Blinkers and Crystals

There are so many ways to use blinkers to high-light design features. Adding them to your pins is easy. Just let us know on the quote form.

Our enhancements are affordably priced so that you can add a few to your pins. 

Upgrade Pins With Blinkers and Crystals

Take advantage of our crystal and blinker enhancements to make your pins unique. 

Our team of designers can help you add blinkers and crystals to your pins in just the right places. A few well-placed enhancements can make your pins truly unique. Our designers have years of experience putting together some of the best trading pin designs on the market. 

You’ll also get to take advantage of  our fast manufacturing and shipping times to get your pins quickly. 

Fill out our quote form to start your order today. 

Pricing Guide

Size100 200 300 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 5,000
1.00" $2.67 $2.31 $1.79 $1.29 $0.96 $0.92 $0.91 $0.85
1.25" $2.87 $2.34 $1.84 $1.37 $1.08 $1.04 $1.02 $0.96
1.50" $2.97 $2.41 $1.94 $1.48 $1.21 $1.19 $1.12 $1.05
1.75" $3.07 $2.66 $2.13 $1.61 $1.41 $1.32 $1.22 $1.15
2.00" $3.28 $2.81 $2.28 $1.78 $1.61 $1.52 $1.42 $1.37
2.25" $3.87 $3.39 $2.96 $2.35 $2.16 $2.00 $1.84 $1.80
2.50" $4.44 $3.98 $3.27 $2.59 $2.20 $2.18 $2.16 $2.10
2.75" $5.16 $4.55 $3.97 $3.18 $2.60 $2.58 $2.55 $2.45
3.00" $5.76 $5.27 $4.55 $3.61 $3.27 $3.22 $3.20 $3.13

** While we make every effort to maintain the web site to ensure the accuracy of prices, prices are subject to change without notice.

Please call 1-888-998-1746 for accurate pricing or complete our quote form to learn more.

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The highest quality metal trading pin with the most scope for enhancements like danglers and sliders. A sure-fire winner for trading at tournaments.
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Ideal for detailed designs, these metal pins are finished with a clear epoxy dome. Add extras like spinners and blinkers to increase their trading appeal.
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Past Custom Trading Pin Customers

Read some reviews from our previous trading pin customers!
- Trey Gamble

Great experience working with the group at Baseball Trading Pins, very helpful, made changes quickly for review, price exactly as stated, shipped and received exactly as stated. Would definitely recommend!

- Justin McColley

The entire experience with the Baseball Trading Pins team was very positive. Communication was thorough throughout the transaction, the pins arrived on time and looked better in-person than I imagined. The pricing was reasonable and I will definitely look to Baseball Trading Pins in the future, if I am ordering more pins!

- James Wright

Provided several proofs very promptly and the pins were delivered in 4 days! Great experience! Will definitely use them again!

- Chris Cammack

Took my rough design and made it a reality. The pin was the envy of the trading session and all kids quickly ran out. 10/10 would use them again. As long as you plan ahead and give them/yourself time you will be satisfied.

- Tracy Nach

An excellent product! This company delivered exactly what we ordered, some days earlier than expected. The service was always prompt, courteous and they knew how to coach me through a first-time, pin-buying experience for our Cooperstown tournament. I would highly recommend them.

- Chad Umscheid

Our pins were designed quickly from a rough sketch I provided and looked awesome the 1st time. After ordering, they came quickly and looked even better in person! The team loved them and had an amazing time trading with other teams at our tournament. Highly Recommended!

- Jasmine Greer

My experience was great! I ordered and needed pins fast! Price was great. Service and shipping was fast. Pins came days before they were suppose to come. All the kids and parents loved them. Thank you. Highly recommend.

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