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Offset Printed Pins

Offset Printed Pins

Offset printed pins are a common option that pin traders choose when they want highly-detailed designs and a slightly faster turnaround time. Because of how they are made, offset printed pins are more affordable and faster to produce than soft enamel pins .
If you are considering ordering baseball trading pins, here is what you need to know about offset printed pins.

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Why Choose Offset Printed Pins?

These pins are made using UV printers, making them faster to make. They also give you more design flexibility since indentations and outlines are not needed. You can printed designs without outlines or with more complex features without losing quality.

Offset printed pins are also faster to make. Since they do not require a die to form the pins, pin bodys can be cut to the right shape and printed on right away. This reduces production time significantly, making these a better option if you need pins quickly. 

How Offset Printed Pins Are Made

Offset printed pins are made in a simpler method than the soft enamel pins. This process does not require extra time to make a die or to stamp each of the pins. Instead, they can be cut from a sheet quickly and prepared for printing. This difference makes them more affordable and faster to produce. Here is how they are made: 

Pin Cutting

Offset printed pins begin as solid sheets of metal. Pins are cut out of them using a laser or grinding wheel. Each pin is thoroughly polished and cleaned so that they can be prepared for printing.

Vinyl Layering and Printing

When ready, the pins have a thin layer of vinyl added to them. That way, the ink has something to hold on to. A UV printer quickly applies ink in complex patterns. UV printers dry the ink instantly, giving you very sharp resolution. 

Offset Printed Pins Pros and Cons

Offset printed pins can be the best choice in specific situations, but there is a trade off. Here are a few pros and cons about the pros and cons of offset printed pins:

Pros to Offset Printed Pins

  • Faster to produce than soft enamel pins
  • More complex images thanks to UV printing
  • No metal outlines

Cons to Offset Printed Pins

  • Thinner and lighter than soft enamel pins
  • No texture from printing and manufacturing

Order Offset Printed Pins

Ordering offset printed pins is an easy way to get high-quality pins into your hands sooner. Fill out our online form to receive a quote on your order. 

Offset Printed Pricing Guide

Offset printed pins are more affordable than soft enamel pins, but cost more than quick pins. Below is a chart of our expected prices.

Although we try to keep the chart updated, it may not reflect the most recent prices. For the most up-to-date pricing and shipping information, fill out our quote form so we can provide it for you.

Shipping times are generally between 8-12 days after the date of order and confirmation of the artist’s proof. To learn more about our ordering process click here.

Size100 200 300 500 600 750 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 5,000
1.00" $2.53 $2.16 $1.58$1.23 $1.11 $0.93 $0.90 $0.83 $0.81 $0.80 $0.69
1.25" $2.54 $2.17 $1.59$1.24 $1.13$0.94 $0.91 $0.90 $0.87 $0.86 $0.70
1.50" $2.61$2.34$1.67 $1.26 $1.16 $1.14 $1.04$1.01 $0.98 $0.97 $0.83
1.75" $2.83 $2.62$2.02 $1.46 $1.36 $1.34 $1.28 $1.17 $1.14 $1.12 $0.92
2.00" $3.20 $2.77$2.25 $1.61 $1.55 $1.46 $1.43 $1.36 $1.30 $1.29 $1.15
2.25" $3.51 $3.10 $2.57 $1.91 $1.79 $1.78 $1.66 $1.63 $1.61 $1.60 $1.52
2.50" $4.07 $3.57 $3.05 $2.22 $2.10 $2.09 $1.98 $1.77 $1.71 $1.67 $1.60
2.75" $4.85 $4.36 $3.43 $2.61$2.48$2.47 $2.38 $2.08 $2.00 $1.96$1.89
3.00" $5.82$5.27 $3.80 $2.98 $2.86 $2.85 $2.76 $2.36 $2.30 $2.26 $2.19

** While we make every effort to maintain the web site to ensure the accuracy of prices, prices are subject to change without notice.

Please call 1-888-998-1746 for accurate pricing or complete our quote form to learn more.

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- Trey Gamble

Great experience working with the group at Baseball Trading Pins, very helpful, made changes quickly for review, price exactly as stated, shipped and received exactly as stated. Would definitely recommend!

- Justin McColley

The entire experience with the Baseball Trading Pins team was very positive. Communication was thorough throughout the transaction, the pins arrived on time and looked better in-person than I imagined. The pricing was reasonable and I will definitely look to Baseball Trading Pins in the future, if I am ordering more pins!

- James Wright

Provided several proofs very promptly and the pins were delivered in 4 days! Great experience! Will definitely use them again!

- Chris Cammack

Took my rough design and made it a reality. The pin was the envy of the trading session and all kids quickly ran out. 10/10 would use them again. As long as you plan ahead and give them/yourself time you will be satisfied.

- Tracy Nach

An excellent product! This company delivered exactly what we ordered, some days earlier than expected. The service was always prompt, courteous and they knew how to coach me through a first-time, pin-buying experience for our Cooperstown tournament. I would highly recommend them.

- Chad Umscheid

Our pins were designed quickly from a rough sketch I provided and looked awesome the 1st time. After ordering, they came quickly and looked even better in person! The team loved them and had an amazing time trading with other teams at our tournament. Highly Recommended!

- Jasmine Greer

My experience was great! I ordered and needed pins fast! Price was great. Service and shipping was fast. Pins came days before they were suppose to come. All the kids and parents loved them. Thank you. Highly recommend.

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