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Baseball Trading Pin Guide

Every year we are faced with the task of coming up with amazing new ideas and designs for teams to make sure they knock it out of the park at their next game or tournament. With over 15 years of experience in the trading pin arena, we wanted to provide you with some ideas that will help you and your designers create a pin that is unique, trade-able and will give you memories for many years to come.

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Team Name

Your team name should be front and center on your pin design.

It should be bold and eye catching. Adding small additions such as the city where you’re located or a division will enhance your pin.

Mascot Or Logo

Making sure your team mascot or logo is the focal point of your design is a great starting point to any trading pin.

If you can make your logo or mascot the center of attention, more people will be willing to trade your pin.

Age Group/ Division

Don’t be afraid to display your age group or division on your pins.

Most teams like to add their 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, etc. or other team distinction on their pins.

Team Colors

Show off your colors with style! We often get requests for designs with no color suggestions. Most of the time, those team colors are just as important as a team name, mascot or logo.


State Shape

More recently teams have decided they want to show off their home state. Teams often get tired of the same old field and crossed bats and want to show of the great state that they come from. Show off that state pride by adding your state to your pin.

Local Flare

What makes your team/town/city/region special?

We’ve had teams from California add surfboards and sunglasses, even the Hollywood sign to their pins. Texas teams like to show off their state flag.

Team Roster

Trading pins seems more special to players when their pins are personalized with their team roster. Depending on the size of pin you are ordering, you can put your players numbers on the pins and sometimes even their names.


If your team is able to afford an upgrade - whether it’s glitter or glow in the dark, or even a dangler, spinner, bobble or lights… even a small upgrade will allow for your pin to become even more trade-able.

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