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September 5, 2019

5 Awesome Team Building Activities for Youth Baseball Players

September 5, 2019

Engaging team building activities teach lessons that are valuable for life. Check out our favorite team building activities for youth baseball players.

The players on a Little League baseball team spend a ton of time together in the spring and summer. From taking swings in the batting cage to taking the field for games, most Little League players spend more time with their teammates than with their families during their season.

This might lead you to believe that Little League teams don't have to worry too much about team building. But this couldn't be further from the truth!

There are all kinds of team building activities for youth baseball players that Little League teams can try. They'll help bring the members of a youth baseball team together like never before.

Do you need some help coming up with the right team building activities for your Little League team? Here are five awesome activities that you can try with your team today.

1. Start the Season Off With a Team Fundraiser

Most Little League baseball teams spend at least some time holding fundraisers at the start of a new season. They sell frozen pizzas to their families and friends or hold raffles to raise the funds they'll need throughout the year.

These are both great fundraising ideas. But if you want to turn fundraisers into team building activities for youth baseball players, there are ways you can do it!

For example, you can get the kids from your Little League baseball team to put together everything they'll need to hold a car wash. They can buy the right supplies to wash cars, market their event, and then man different stations during the car wash itself.

By doing all of this, you'll make the players on your team a lot closer. They'll learn how to work together more effectively in order to reach a common goal.

This will benefit them throughout their season in more ways than one. It'll provide them with the money they need to buy uniforms, take part in special tournaments, and more. But it'll also show them that working together is the way to go when you're a part of a team.

2. Get Everyone in Great Shape With a Fitness Challenge

At the beginning of a Little League season, coaches and parents have to worry about more than just raising funds for the upcoming year. They also need to make sure all of the players on a team are in great shape.

To get kids into shape, most Little League coaches make their players run extra laps before, during, and after practice. These extra reps are designed to get them into great shape over time.

But there are also other ways that coaches can encourage their players to get into better shape. They can do it by holding a fitness challenge during the first week or two of Little League practice.

During this fitness challenge, they can test players' strength, endurance, concentration, and more through a series of fun individual tests. Players will enjoy seeing how they stack up against one another in the various fitness areas.

This will help youth baseball players to look forward to getting themselves into shape as opposed to dreading it. It'll also bring players closer by encouraging them to motivate and push one another to get into better shape.

3. Stick an Away Tournament (or Two!) Onto the Schedule

Traveling is a great way to bring any group of people closer together. When you stick a group of kids (or adults!) into a car and take them to a place they've never been, it often leads to them bonding a lot along the way.

With this in mind, why not schedule one or two away tournaments for your youth baseball team? It'll allow your team to take part in games against teams that they wouldn't play against otherwise during the regular season.

It'll also give your players a chance to spend a few days together in a new place. They'll be able to hang out with one another while also hanging out with players that they meet from other teams.

You might even want to consider stocking up on baseball trading pins that are customized to represent your team or your league. Your players can trade these pins with other teams so that they always remember the away tournaments that they played in.

4. Take Some Time to Volunteer During the Season

Much like traveling, volunteering has a way of bringing a group of people closer together. When people are taking part in a volunteer activity and working towards a common goal, they usually find that they form a stronger bond between them.

You and your Little League team can volunteer in a variety of ways within your community. You can:

  • Clean up an abandoned lot located near your Little League field
  • Spend time with senior citizens at a nursing home
  • Work with younger Little League baseball players and help them improve their skills

Volunteering is one of the best and most fulfilling team building activities for youth baseball players. It'll turn kids into better teammates and better people overall.

5. Cap Off the Season With a Team Party

The fun team building activities for youth baseball players don't have to stop once the season ends!

Finish off another great season by holding a team party and allowing the kids on a team to let loose. Whether you choose to hold a pool party, a bowling party, or some other kind of party, it'll give kids a chance to celebrate together for a final time after a long season.

Lifelong friendships will be forged by those youth baseball teams that celebrate their accomplishments together before going their separate ways in the offseason.

Give These Team Building Activities for Youth Baseball Players a Try

Every Little League baseball team is different.

Some teams come together and bond quickly without much effort on the part of coaches and parents. Others take more time to come together as a collective unit.

No matter which side of the fence your team lands on, you can encourage them to work as a team by scheduling one of these team building activities for youth baseball players. You'll be amazed at how well they work when it comes to bringing teams closer.

If you would like to order baseball trading pins that your team can use during away tournaments, we would love to help you get your hands on them. Request a quote today to see how affordable our trading pins can be.

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