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July 18, 2018

10 Things You Have to Experience at the Cooperstown Baseball Tournament

July 18, 2018
If you're going to take part in the Cooperstown baseball tournament then there are whole host of things you wont want to miss out on. From the Hall of Fame to trading baseball pins, we look at 10 things you really must do.

Participating in a Cooperstown baseball tournament is considered 'the big leagues' for little league players. Of course, the field is amazing and participants will be able to bond with their teammates and friends from around the country.

It's likely that the entire family will use this trip as a getaway from home. Lucky for everyone else, Cooperstown is a fascinating city with plenty to do for all ages.

This list of things to see, do, and experience in Cooperstown isn't limited to baseball lovers, though many activities are heavily influenced by the sport.

Keep reading for the 10 must-see attractions when visiting Cooperstown Dreams Park!

Pail Shop Vineyards

If traveling with a million children stresses you out, a trip to Pail Shop Vineyard might be just what you need! Believe it or not, this vineyard has been around far longer than the baseball field.

Pail Shop Vineyards grows cold varietal grapes and produces wine that is unmistakable in its New York style. The Vineyard also has events throughout the week, including Sangria at Sunset.

This function features live music as well as homemade (and delicious) sangria!

Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum

Yes, this is a baseball-themed activity... but have you ever been to a wax museum? The displays are life-like and there are plenty of opportunities for photos.

The museum includes a virtual reality batting cage and a baseball bloopers theater. Both of these features are attractive to even those who are tired of the sport.

The Farmer's Museum

This museum has been part of a functional farm since 1813. It has a long and complex history and is on a mission to educate people about rural Cooperstown.

During the summer, The Farmer's Museum offers plenty of mini-workshops as well as lectures and films. They also offer children's programs for a variety of ages.

Kids have the chance to learn through crafts, presentations, exploring, and discussion. This is ideal for siblings that aren't involved in a tournament!

Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park

The baseball player of the family will be staying in the bunkhouse. This leaves the rest of the family staying at other accommodations.

Why not rent a cabin and make the most of your stay in Cooperstown by squeezing in a mini-vacation. This state park has fishing, hiking, boating, and swimming available.

These activities might not be enough to keep you busy for the duration of a tournament, but it is a good start and a great break from the crowds.

Fenimore Art Museum

The Fenimore Art Museum may be a bit smaller than those found in massive cities, but don't discount it because of size.

This museum has rotating art exhibits that change every few months. They also have full productions of plays throughout the summer, photography classes for teens, and clay sculpting for artists ages 4-8.

Fenimore Art Museum may be on a smaller scale but is perfect for a day trip for kids and parents who are uninterested in baseball.

Cooperstown Back Alley Grille

Finding good food is quite easy in Cooperstown, but this restaurant is worth mentioning. It's likely you're traveling with a child or two that doesn't play baseball and will eventually get hungry.

It's also likely that you're not going to want to spend an arm and a leg on menu items they're not going to try, eat, or like. With this said, Cooperstown Back Alley Grille has great options for kids and adults.

If you enjoyed the vineyard suggestion from earlier, you'll also be enthused at this restaurant's drink selection!

Hyde Hall

For the history buff, Hyde Hall is a lovely attraction boasting plenty of interesting information. There is a paid 50-minute guided tour during which you will see a 50-room country house. You will also see two of the finest rooms built pre-1840 and original furnishings!

Hyde Hall is also said to be haunted by former residents. It was also featured on a ghost-hunting program in 2013.

Rent a Kayak or Canoe

Renting a kayak or canoe may not be considered an attraction, but during New York summers, who can resist being on a beautiful body of water?

There are a few companies that offer kayak and canoe rentals. There are also at least two places to use them including Goodyear Lake and Susquehanna River.

You won't run across major rapids or anything dangerous so it is a great activity for the entire family.

Howe Caverns

Get underground and explore some natural history with a tour of Howe Caverns! This attraction is perfect to help beat the heat and keep the entire family entertained.

The Howe Caverns offer more than just walking through a cave, though. There are high-adventure tours as well as mining for precious gems and gold. Anything found while mining is yours to keep, so that alone could be worth the trip!

The Baseball Hall of Fame

This is probably the most famous attraction in the town and for good reason! It features players from the beginning of the sport as well as connects generations of players to the history of America's pastime.

The Baseball Hall of Fame can be enjoyed by everyone, but it has been said the best trips are done by the players and their families. Not all participants are as interested as others which can take away from the joy of it.

Another thought is just for dad and player(s) or a group of brothers to experience the bond of learning about their favorite sport.

Cooperstown Baseball Tournament: Fun For All

It might seem that a family trip to Cooperstown, New York for a baseball tournament will be boring. This list of things to do proves otherwise.

For those that want to experience the town from an athlete's perspective, there is plenty to do. Though as you can see, there is plenty to do for those that want a break from the sport.

No matter how much or little love you have for the sport, you can rest assured that you and the family will have a great time. Of course, your favorite player will have the experience of a lifetime by competing in a Cooperstown baseball tournament.

You should be aware that while the family is out having fun, the sportsman will likely be trading plenty of pins. In order to be prepared for this aspect, check out our blog!

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