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March 25, 2021

How to Boost the Value of Your Baseball Team Trading Pins

March 25, 2021

Why do kids, parents, and coaches everywhere love little league?

Naturally, it's because it's great enrichment for children: First off, it's a time to participate in America's national pastime and worldwide competition, too! It's also a time for play, discipline, exercise for our mind and bodies, and of course—perhaps most importantly of all—socializing and making new friends by baseball team trading pins!

We're are always looking for new ways to improve the little league baseball experience. Pizza outings, ice cream parties, team-building laser tag—you name it—dedicated parents and coaches put in the effort to make the entire sporting experience better.

Another event that has become a tradition in baseball is trading team pins at the pin trading events. Baseball team trading pins are an easy, affordable way to improve kids' experiences and memories with other teams and other team players. If you've never heard of baseball trading pins before, they're custom enamel pins that represents a baseball team. Kids from teams all over trade and collect them as they play each other, especially at big events such as the Cooperstown tournament.

Trading pins enables kids to meet one another and form friendships with children from all over the United States. Whether you're new to trading or have been doing this for years, you've got the question on your mind: How can you boost the value of your team's pins?

Baseball Team Trading Pins
Baseball Team Trading Pins

Guess what? Here's the definitive guide.

Designing Baseball Team Trading Pins

Let's face it: We're not all artists. Lots of us have initial ideas of what we may want our trading pin to look like but we aren't really sure how to make it a reality. Even still, when we start thinking about making merch for our Little Leaguers, it can be a bit overwhelming!

If you're not an artist, how are you supposed to design baseball pins that kids want to trade? That's a fair concern, but you don't need to worry about it! We can help!

Baseball Team Trading Pins

The Basic Baseball Pin Look

In reality, you won't actually have to design your pin, as long as you buy from a trading pin company with in-house designers. And it just so happens we have a whole team of knowledgeable talented artists that have been helping baseball teams for many years now!

When working on the design, you have plenty of great options. If you have a mascot, that's perfect! You can talk with our designer about any looks you want to keep or update and work with our talented team to help you design the perfect highly tradable baseball pin design for your team!

Some of the top design requests we get are usually team names, team mascots, players numbers, amongst other things such as your city or state.

Do you have a special baseball team chant? A fun nickname? These are just a couple of other great ideas among many possibilities.

If you feel stuck, never fear. Whoever you work with on our team will happily brainstorm your ideas with you and come up with a design you will love for your team.

Value Boosting Extras on Your Pin

If you want pins that are super tradeable than what exactly are collectors looking for?  Well, kids love bling! Then again, who doesn't?

One popular way to boost the trading value of pins is to add fun upgrades that make your pins different than the others. Think about The glitter, glow in the dark, spinners, and blinkers are what everyone wants to get their hands on.

Another common method for increasing the value of little league trading pins is simply making them larger. This increases their monetary value, but it's also more impressive to the kids, parents, and coaches trading them.

There are plenty of other exciting options too! Let our team help you bling your pins to make them highly tradable! If you want to be the buzz at the trading events we can help you achieve your goal.

How to Make Pins Rare

You could make just a few pins: That's the definition of "rare," isn't it?

But what's the fun in that?

You probably don't want to make just enough pins for you and your team. Can you imagine how many arguments there would be if your players had to choose between keeping their pins and trading with other baseball teams?

Nobody needs that chaos! You want to boost team spirit, not tear it down! Here's how to create rare and valuable pins without causing any heartache.

One popular option is to create two or more versions of the pin. You'll make one that's standard, and one that's more special, including add-ons such as the ones listed above. Produce fewer of the special, or create a limited-edition pin, so that most anyone can get their hands on the normal kind—but the accessorized version is more sought after.

Another strategy similar to the above is to release different editions of the pin. For example, you could do two pins with different colors. You could even change your pin design ever so slightly every year!

The third common choice is to create multiple entirely different designs. Like the above method, coaches and parents often create more of one sort than the other, so that one is more valuable to collectors. Often, the less common one is more elaborate.

To make sure your pins stay valuable, it helps to etch just how many there are on the back. For example, if a pin was the third produced in a batch of 200, it would read something like "3/200" or "3 of 200."

Knock It out of the Park With Little League Pins

Surely, you came here searching for new or updated merch for your baseball team. Now that you've read about making valuable baseball team trading pins, are you ready to get started on your own trading pin?

Your players, their friends, family, and other teams will go crazy over the trendy design (or designs!) you create with the help of our in-house artists, and our talented team of customer care specialists to help you every step of the way!

How about free standard shipping, rush custom trading pin orders, and a guarantee to keep working with you until your design is perfect? Baseball Trading Pins offers all of that and more.

Whether you're looking for pins for an everyday occasion or considering exclusive team trading pins for Cooperstown, we've got something for you.

Have more questions? Check out these common topics. Ready to get started? Complete our form below and we will get started right away on your project!

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