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April 12, 2017

How to Increase Popularity of your Trading Pin while Saving Money

April 12, 2017

How to Maximize Tradability of your Baseball Trading Pins

Hello Pin Traders! Today’s post is very special, one you may not expect to see from a trading pin company. Today we’re going to speak to methods, some more well-known than others, to increase the popularity of your trading pin while saving you and your team money!

First, a definition:

Tradability – Not a real word but a term we use at BaseballTradingPins that refers to how well a pin trades at the tournament. Some tournaments will encourage 1 for 1 trading, but inevitably the laws of supply & demand will always take over, as soon as trading starts certain baseball pins gain popularity and will go for 2, 4, 8, sometimes over 10 pins per trade. This article is going to talk about 4 ways customers can increase tradability:

Tradability Route 1: Trading Pin Size & Add-ons

The phrase ‘Go Big or Go Home’ has some meaning when it comes to baseball pin trading. The most common size for a baseball trading pin is 2.0”, however 1.5” and 1.75” are also fairly common. Teams looking to stand out will go with 2.5”-3.0” pins, sometimes even larger. A larger sports trading pin can accommodate more detail, and also more…

Upgrades! Add-ons such as glitter, crystals, blinkers, or add on pins like sliders, spinners, or danglers can really enhance the appeal of a pin. Larger pins, and those with multiple upgrades, however, can add up in price quick.

West LA Bruins Baseball Trading Pin Design
West LA Bruins Soft Enamel Trading Pin Example

Tradability Route 2: Design Two Trading Pins

A popular route for teams going to Cooperstown is designing two pins, usually termed a ‘standard team pin’ and a ‘limited edition pin’.

The standard pin is typically 2.0” or less and bought at a little less than the quantity needed for each kid to trade with all teams at the tournament.

The limited edition pin is typically bigger than 2.0” and will have 2 or more upgrades. As the name suggests, the limited edition pin is bought in fewer quantity than the standard pin. (Customer Recommendation: we can laser etch the number of each pin on the back to further show the limited availability: 001/200, 002/200…200/200)

Baseball Trading Pins

Tradability Route 3: Versions of your Trading Pins

This approach uses aspects of the three prior routes, buying two pins, on more limited but with upgrades, but instead of being two different pins, these pins utilize the same mold

Before looking at this further deeper, it’s worth discussing how pins get their cost. The most expensive part of a pin order, accounting for 10-30% of the cost, is the custom mold. The mold is machined out of a hardened steel and is used to stamp the individual pins. The key to cost savings in creating two differing pins is to utilize the same mold for each version of the pin. For example, ordering  500 pins of two different designs (and two different molds) each would be priced at the 500 pin order pricing. Using the same mold, using the same design for two editions (same mold) would be priced at the 1000 pin price break, which can amount to a couple hundred dollars in savings!

So how do you achieve this? Let me show you multiple ways:

  • Change the base plating: For example one set can be polished nickel, the other black dye, polished brass, copper, or another plating we offer

  • Have an all metal version of the pin. For this we would recommend either a) sandblasting (to create contrast between raised and lowered surfaces), or two tone plating (which has different metal plating’s for the raised and lowered surfaces)
  • Swapping out color for another color or glitter. We have teams do all black enamel (which looks really sharp with polished brass plating), or simply swap out a plain enamels for glitter or glow in the dark enamels.
  • Cyclone baseball trading Pin
    • Blinker & Crystal combinations: Kids go bananas for pins with blinkers, but one per pin can get pricey. To fit the blinker the mold requires a small hole to connect to a small battery pack, however this hole can also be used to place a crystal on a design. The same hole for attaching a spinner could also be covered by a crystal.
    trading pin
    • A recommendation with any of these methods, is to laser etch the limited edition numbers on the pin backs. Showing that a pin is 1 of 50 or 1 of 200 increases the demand for a pin even further.

    To find out more about these pins, click the red ‘Get Pricing Now’ button below, or give us a call at 888-998-1746 to get started on your teams design today!

    Baseball Trading Pins Pricing

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