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May 19, 2022

7th Inning Stretch: How to Save Money Buying Custom-Made Baseball Pins

May 19, 2022

Custom-made baseball pins are a fun activity for a little slugger. To hit a home run with your child, learn how to save money ordering pins in our guide.

Did you know that the first Little League pins were shaped like a hot air balloon? The pins were for the 1983 Little League World Series. This started the pin trading culture that remains such an important part of youth baseball.

Whatever design you're considering for your custom-made baseball pins, you don't want to pay any more than you have to. You can save money without sacrificing quality. Learn more here about how to keep your costs low but your satisfaction high.

What Determines the Cost of Custom-Made Baseball Pins?

Before you can find ways to save money on custom-made baseball pins, you need to understand how the pricing structure works. The price depends on:

  • How many pins you order
  • The size of the pins
  • The type of pin
  • Any add-ons or enhancements
  • How quickly you need the pins

Each of these areas gives you opportunities to economize. You can create a unique design and stay within your budget.

Order Baseball Trading Pins in Bulk

Order your baseball trading pins in bulk to take advantage of the best pricing. Many pin manufacturers have a minimum order of 100 pins. You'll usually get a better price if you order at least 200 or 300.

Many teams find that they go through pins faster than they expected anyway. If you're ordering at the beginning of the season, you should plan to order at least 30 pins per player. For a specific tournament, multiply the number of teams in your age group or class by the number of players on your team.

Ordering some extra team baseball pins is always a good idea. You'll be sure that any late additions to the team can participate.

Custom Baseball Pins

Choose a Smaller Pin Size

One easy way to save money on baseball trading pins is to order smaller pins. Most trading pins are around 1.75".

Avoid sizes larger than 2" because they need an oversize mold that usually costs more. They also cost more to ship.

A smaller size can help you stretch your budget. You'll have money left for enhancements like glitter, danglers, or blinkers.

A smaller pin may mean simplifying your design. Some features are difficult or impossible to produce if the pin is too small. An experienced pin manufacturer will help you find the right-sized pin for your design and budget.

Choose the Right Type of Pin

You usually have four options for custom trading pins:

  • Soft enamel
  • Offset printed
  • Quick pins

Each type of pin is priced differently. Choosing a less expensive type of pin can make a significant difference in your budget.

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel team baseball pins are typically the most expensive. They're durable and give you vivid colors with a textured surface. The raised metal areas make changing patterns of light and shadow on the pin's surface, which makes the design very vibrant.

You can add many different types of enhancements, like danglers or spinners, to soft enamel pins.

Offset Printed

Offset printed pins are less expensive than enamel. Because the design is printed, it can be very detailed. Drop shadows, gradients, and fine text will all come through on a printed pin.

Offset pins aren't as durable as soft enamel ones. For this reason, a special epoxy dome protects the design. The epoxy gives the pin a glossy appearance.

Quick Pins

Quick pins are a more expensive option because they can be ready very quickly. You can have your pins in as few as four business days.

You have several design options to choose from. Using a stock shape means your pin supplier doesn't have to make a die. This speeds up the production process.

Avoid Additional Color Fees

If you choose soft enamel pins, you can keep your costs lower by using only the number of colors included in the basic price. Many manufacturers of baseball trading pins include six or seven colors with no extra charge. You can combine similar colors in your design to reduce your total number.

You may feel that a wider variety of colors is a defining part of your design. In that case, you can ask your pin manufacturer for price quotes with options for different numbers of colors. You may choose to economize in another area if the color selection you want doesn't add significantly to the price.

Custom Baseball Pins

Plan Ahead

As for so many things in life, planning ahead can reduce your costs. Depending on your design and the type of baseball pins you order, production can take as long as four weeks. You may encounter production or shipping delays if you order during peak times of the year.

Planning ahead gives you the time to get the trading pins you really want without needing to pay extra for rush production or shipping.

Finding the Right Manufacturer for Your Custom-Made Baseball Pins

You want your custom-made baseball pins to be as cost-efficient as possible. You don't want them to look like a low-budget special. This is why working with the right pin manufacturer is so important.

BaseballTradingPins.net has been making high-quality pins since 2003. We want to develop a long-term relationship with you and your team, not price gouge you for a quick profit. We offer unique designs, great customer service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you find a similar pin online at a lower price, we'll match it.

Contact us today for a free quote. Let's start designing the baseball trading pins that fit your dreams and your budget.

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