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May 3, 2019

Custom Baseball Trading Pins Makes A Unified Team!

May 3, 2019

Design Tips On How To Customize Your Baseball Trading Pin

Trading pins are a cherished feature of the youth baseball. Since 1983, the Little League made its first "official" pin available and ever since it's become a staple part of baseball culture. Pins mean far more than representing a team. Baseball trading pins unite players, parents, coaches and opposing teams as they share their love of baseball through them.  It's a fun way for everyone to get to know each other and return home with a unique collection of pins.

Custom baseball trading pins are a great way to express the team's loyalty and boost team spirit from the players in the field to the parents in the audience. It's important that the pins are well-designed to increase their value and make trading with other players more exciting.

Ready to design a winning pin for the best little league team?

Pre-Design Tips

Deciding on a pin design is a creative process and the perfect chance to create one that best symbolizes the team. Players and even baseball parents keep their pins for years so you need to make sure everyone loves the design.

Use this time to double-check the teams' roster numbers and names to correct any errors. It’s important to stick to a budget before designing the pin. Know which size to use, the preferred material and which add-ons your team want to jazz it up.

Decide What to Include in Your Custom Baseball Trading Pin

There are many features and factors to consider when designing your team's pin. Here's a breakdown of each aspect:

Pin Types
There are three types of trading pins: Soft Enamel, Offset Printed Pins and Quick Pins.

Soft Enamel: This material is a popular choice as it’s perfect for intricate designs. The painted enamel has metallic ridges to separate the colors which enhances the artwork. Soft Enamel is perfect if your little league team want add-ons such as glitter, spinners, and sliders.

Offset Printed Pins: The designer transfers your digital artwork onto the pin, making this a quick and cost-effective option. It’s essential that the designer uses high-resolution artwork to create sharp imagery for an eye-catching pin.

Quick Pins: These are the perfect option for last-minute situations.  These cheap pins are made by US manufacturers and are ready in time for your Little League tournament. Like an Offset Pin, the image is printed, but with a thicker base.

Team Name, State and City
Your team’s name is the first thing they’ll see, so you need to be creative. Decide which font best represents your team and whether you want to shout out your city and state.

You can add your city to the design. It could be its outline on a map, your city’s skyline or a small image that represents your hometown. This will help personalize your pin so opposite teams will know instantly that it’s yours.

Team colors
Not only is this the main feature of the pin but it’s your identity! To find the perfect colors, use our PMS (Pantone Color System) color scheme so our designer knows the exact shade. If you aren't sure which color, we could try a couple colors to find that perfect match.

Baseball Pin traders see hundreds of baseball pins so we suggest using bold colors to stand out.

Got a mascot? Great, add them to the pin! Mascots are a great way to boost team recognition and make your pin stand out.

Continuing the mascot theme means your pin matches your jersey and hat so everyone knows you’re 100% about team spirit. Parents and coaches can also wear them to show their support.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a mascot. Let the team decide on a mascot and ask the pin designer to incorporate it into the artwork.   Remember to be specific. If you want a Panther, decide if you want it to be fierce or friendly.

Add Your Motto
Chances are you have an awesome motto. If there's a motto everyone chants during Little League games, add it to your pin. It doesn't have to be the whole phrase. Instead, pick the few words that best represent your team.

Add the team’s roster to your Little League pin to personalize it. Use numbers to ensure everyone fits on the pin. You can use bats, baseballs and even stars to show off your teammates.

Season-Specific Features
Instead of one design, order pins for each season. This will boost morale and keep everyone excited from the players to parents. Make it unique by adding the year and the team's names or numbers as they change every year.  Or incorporate the team’s accomplishments to the design. Add any Little League championships you’ve won or include the win-loss record.  Special features will make your pins rarer and increase its trade value.

Upgrade with Add-Ons
Let the team add their special flair and maximize the pin's trading power. Your team can choose from a variety of add-ons including:

  • Glitter
  • Blinkers
  • Spinners
  • Sliders
  • Bobble Heads
  • Glow in the dark
  • Danglers

Ready to Get Trading?

Custom baseball trading pins boost trading value so little league players can be proud of their team and form a one-of-a-kind collection. Trading pins have the power to unify players, parents and opposing teams who will hold on to these pins for years to come.

If your team wants high-quality trading pins for next season, contact us here.

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