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May 13, 2020

7 Unique Sports Team Names Your Little Leaguers Will Love

May 13, 2020

Tired of lions, tigers, and bears? We've got a list of 7 unique sports team names your little leaguers will love!

Several components make up a championship little league team. The players, the coaches, and the parent all make up the body of the team.

However, no little league team is complete without awesome uniforms and an even better team name.

Kids always enjoy picking out the colors and the name of the team, but sometimes they need a little help in doing so.

If you want to avoid having a typical name like the tigers or bears, then use this list of unique sports team names as your guide. make a list of your favorites and have your little ones pick from your top choices.

1. Kangaroos

While kangaroos might be considered vermin in their native land of Australia, they're viewed as an awesome creature that kids love.

Not to mention, they're super athletic and are extremely powerful in their legs. More importantly, they aren't animals that you come across every day.

At first glance, they might look cute and cuddly, but they're actually quite dangerous to mess with. That makes them a perfect name for your little one and the rest of their team.

While your kids look cute and adorable in their little uniforms, they're going to knock the socks off any team that opposes them!

2. Griffins

Perhaps your little league team is so powerful and individualistic that they can't be summarized by an animal that actually exists.

If so, then a griffin is a perfect candidate for your team mascot. They're the stuff of old Greek and Roman mythology. They have the head of a bird, the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, the back legs and tail of a lion and the front talons of a bird.

If the league that your team plays in demands nicknames with a spiritual reference, then Griffin would pass with flying colors. Christians often use griffins as a symbol for the guardian of divine power.

3. Honey Badgers

If you've ever seen the popular YouTube video on the honey badger, then you probably don't need any further explanation as to why you should pick this name.

Honey badgers are intriguing because, while many people think they have a reputation for being nasty, they only attack when predators are around.

Yes, you read that right... honey badgers attack their predators. Even if the predator is able to catch the honey badger, their loose coat allows them to twist around and bite down hard on their enemy.

That makes it a perfect candidate for your team's name. Ferocious, yet refined. Your little leaguers are only firey and competitive when they hit the field, much like a honey badger.

4. Salukis

Not many people are familiar with Salukis in America, except for those that know the name from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale's mascot.

However, if you were to take a trip to Egypt or an Arabian country, then you would see how highly-touted they are.

A Saluki is a breed of dog and is well-known for its hunting ability. However, Salukis are used for hunting extreme games such as gazelles, wolves, and foxes because of their incredible speed.

If you've noticed that the players on your little league team are incredibly fast, the Salukis is a perfect name for the team.

5. Dragons

You won't have any problem getting your kids on board with this team name if you were to pick it.

Dragons are in almost every major movie and kids are well aware of the power that they possess. Sometimes dragons are used by the good guys, sometimes they are the bad guy (such as Smaug from The Hobbit).

Nevertheless, kids think that they're awesome and the team name goes with almost any color of uniform that you could possibly choose.

There's plenty of logos that your team could adopt as their own but you could also place a "D" on your baseball caps with a medieval font.

Dragons are tough, powerful, and awesome. Those are three qualities in a mascot that the kids, coaches, and parents will all love.

6. Stallions/Mares

Everyone of all ages loves horses, but using "horses" as a team name might not roll off the tongue very well. It sounds kind of awkward cheering "Go Horses!".

However, you can use the gender-appropriate version of a horse as the name for your team.

If you're coaching an all-boys team then the name Stallions would fit in nicely. If you're coaching an all-girls team then the name Mares might be a good fit as well.

Whichever version you choose, you're promoting your team as a comparison to one of the most intelligent, powerful, fastest, majestic animals on God's green earth.

7. Wizards

Depending on the age of the kids on your team, odds are that you have at least one or two who's obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise.

Even if not, every kid on the team will love the chance to be named after a person who can perform spells and defy reality.

If your team is constantly producing plays that seem "magical" then Wizards is a great name. Again, it's another name that goes with virtually any color you pick for them, making it a great choice for leagues with standard uniforms.

Use These Unique Sports Team Names for Your Little Leaguers

Now that you've seen several unique sports team names, it's time to face the reality that you can only choose one from this list.

Be sure to read this article on why you need a custom baseball pin for the awesome team name that you end up using. Getting custom baseball pins with your team name on it is a great way to celebrate your baseball team.

For more inquiries on how we can make a custom baseball pin for you, please feel free to reach out via our quote page and we'll be happy to assist you further.

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