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June 24, 2022

9 Facts You Never Knew About Cooperstown Trading Pins

June 24, 2022

What do you know about the world-famous Cooperstown trading pins? Here are nine facts you may not already know. Read on for more.

Did you know that Cooperstown has been a destination for baseball fans since 1939 when the Baseball Hall of Fame opened its doors? 

Many tournaments are still played in town today, and visiting teams often trade collectible pins. Many Little League baseball coaches or parents of Little League players are keen to get involved in the pin trading phenomenon but don't know where to start. 

If you're looking to learn more about these wonderful pins, read on. We've put together a comprehensive guide on team baseball pins.

Facts About Cooperstown Trading Pins
Facts About Cooperstown Trading Pins

1. They Commemorate Participation in Different Events

Baseball trading pins are often used to commemorate specific events. Pins might be made for every player in a tournament and can be either traded or taken home as a keepsake. 

There are USSSA pins, Little League World Series pins, and more.

These tournament pins are the perfect way to commemorate a special tournament. In years to come, they could be handed down to future generations as heirlooms! 

2. Cooperstown is a Hub for Pin Fanatics

Cooperstown, NY, is a must-visit for baseball fanatics of all stripes. It's home to the Baseball Hall of Fame as well as a variety of baseball fields. That's why it's so popular with Little League players!

The town attracts multiple Little League teams playing in regional, national, and international tournaments, it's the perfect setting for pin trading. Visitors know they'll have the chance to get their hands on a range of different pins. 

3. There are so Many Varieties

Pins come in all different shapes, sizes, and varieties! There really is no limit on the ways a pin might look.

Normally, they'll be between one and three inches in length. They'll feature the team's logo and name, and possibly the name of a related event and the year of production.

Beyond that, anything goes! Many pin collections are a treasure trove of different colors, materials, and styles. 

4. Pins Have Been Traded for Over a Hundred Years

Trading pins have been around for a long time. They're some of the oldest pieces of sports memorabilia in existence, having first been traded at the 1896 Athens Olympics! 

While these pins form an important part of many different sports, they came into their own when baseball teams began producing them. 

Today, the tradition is alive and well, with every new batch of pins representing a new piece of history in the making!

5. Some Can Be Extra Valuable

Although trading pins are generally pretty cheap to produce, some can rise in value. Pins associated with famous teams, perhaps including a future Major Leaguer in their ranks, can go for inflated prices.

There are stores across America dedicated to buying and selling pins. And buyers on major online platforms like eBay and Amazon often buy pins for huge amounts. some have sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars! 

So, hold onto your pins. You never know if you could have a small goldmine on your hands. 

6. Trading is an Art Form

Trading is a lot of fun, but there are a few pieces of simple etiquette that you should be mindful of.

First off, be sure your own pins are high-quality. They should have a good design and be made from quality material. That way, your trading partners will feel respected and they'll be keen to trade anything to get their hands on one of your pins. 

Always be respectful when taking another team's pin. It's a good idea to have a collection book or box, allowing you to put it respectfully away, rather than dropping it or losing it. 

7. Collecting Trading Pins Creates Lifelong Friends

When you trade pins, it's a great opportunity to meet players from other teams. You'll talk in a way you wouldn't on the field, and that's why so many pin traders become lifelong friends. 

Some players and tournaments even organize reunions years in advance. There, former players meet again and can even trade new pins they've collected over the years!

8. Pins Represent Teams From All Over the World

While baseball is America's national pastime, it's certainly not limited to these shores. Teams from all over the world make and trade pins. When an overseas team takes part in a US tournament, it represents an amazing opportunity for enthusiasts to diversify their collections!

Teams from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and many more have all jumped on board the pin trading bandwagon. The chance to build an international pin collection is too good to be missed. 

9. Some Teams Order a Lot of Cooperstown Trading Pins!

The more pins a team orders, the more opportunities they have for trade. That's why some teams make huge orders of pins, bringing them to tournament venues in large boxes for bulk trading. 

Ordering pins in bulk also means teams get better value. It's not uncommon to see teams bringing thousands of pins to a tournament! 

Remember, the more pins you order, the more trading you'll be able to do. How big can you make your collection?

Cooperstown Trading Pins

Get Pins for Your Team Today!

Pin trading is an amazing pastime. It helps make tournaments extra special and provides players with an extra activity for team bonding. It's also a great way to remember life in Little League in the years to come. 

If you want to get involved in the world of pin trading yourself, there's no better time to start than now.

Whether you want to print custom pins or buy Cooperstown trading pins from old adversaries, we can help.

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