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May 28, 2020

Support Your Little League Team: Fundraising Ideas for Kids

fundraising ideas for kids
Need new uniforms or equipment for your little league team? Check out these awesome fundraising ideas for kids!

There's nothing more nourishing for kids than a little bit of healthy competition. Your kid's little league team might be the perfect outlet to build some character, get some exercise, and have a good time.

These teams can be expensive to run, however, and it's not unusual for a little league team to need to hold a fundraiser to cover some of the associated costs. Typically, this money goes towards buying uniforms, equipment, or renting practice space for the team.

This is a great opportunity to get kids involved and teach them a bit about raising money. There are many great fundraising ideas for kids that you can employ in this kind of situation. Read on and we'll walk you through a few of our favorites.

Set Up A Donation Table

The classic way to raise money for a sports team is simply to set up a little table somewhere with a lot of local traffic and ask for some financial assistance.

You've likely seen donation tables set up for a variety of local organizations outside your local grocery store. This is a great spot where passing-by residents can drop off the few extra dollars they have leftover from their weekly shopping spree.

Depending on where you live, you may need to look into the laws regarding raising money in public places. Some places will require you to apply for a license before setting up your table.

The actual set up of the donation table is simple! You just need the table itself and a poster or board that advertises what you're raising money for. Throw the team name up there as well as what specifically the money will be going towards (people like to know!).

The kids can come in their uniforms and sit behind the table with a few donation cans. You might be shocked at just how much can be raised via this method! The best part is that because the set up is so simple, there's really no costs you have to cover.

All the money you raise can go straight to what the team needs it to go to.

Host A Raffle

If you're worried about not getting enough donations from kind passer-bys, giving donators a little bit of an inventive might help to get some money flowing in.

You likely know how a raffle works, but this is a great time to teach kids about the popular system. You simply gather a few desirable prizes, like gift cards to a local restaurant chain. People pay to buy a ticket, support the team, and wait to see if they go home with the prize.

Some local establishments may even be open to donating these prizes at a discount. Ask around and see who might be willing to come on to your raffle as a sponsor.

Generally speaking, tickets usually go for $5 or $10 during a raffle but you can set the price at whatever you see fit. You can also include custom team gifts, like custom pins, as part of your raffle prize.


Since you're raising money for a Little League team, it makes sense to keep baseball as the center focus of your fundraising efforts.

That's why launching a Hit-A-Thon can be the perfect way to raise money for the team. It's a little more complicated to set up than some other fundraising ideas, but the excitement around this kind of event can drive a lot more money in as well.

It works like this: the team will set a time, date, and place for their fundraiser event. Weeks prior to that event, the players and their family will ask friends, neighbors, and the general public to pledge any dollar amount for each hit they get during the event.

That means if your player's neighbor pledges $5 a hit, and your player connects with the ball ten times, you'll have raised $50! This is a great way to make the fundraising process interactive and fun.

Your kids and the players on the team will likely be more invested in this method than any other. It can be more fun for the community too, as the donors can come out and watch the kids play.

Car Wash

If you're looking for another classic fundraising technique, why not consider the roadside car wash? You've likely driven by teams on the side of the road with signs advertising their cheap car washing services.

This form of fundraising is a very effective way to make money. It's also a great way to instill a certain work ethic into the kids on your team. They'll have to put in a little elbow grease to see their numbers rise and their dreams of Little League stardom come true.

That's a healthy expectation to set up early on in a young person's life. It takes work to see the results you want.

Of course, if the children on your particular little league team are too young, the car wash fundraiser might not be the best way to go. After all, how could they possibly reach even the top of the windows?

For older kids, however, a carwash fundraiser is a classic way to bring in a good amount of money for the team.

The Best Fundraising Ideas for Kids

If you're trying to get new gear or uniforms for your little league team, you'll need some extra funds. The above fundraising ideas for kids are all great ways to get the players involved in the process. Any of them should help to get the community involved and push you towards your financial goal.

Need more ideas on how to make this season the best ever? Reach out to us with any questions you might have.

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