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Custom-made baseball pins are a fun activity for a little slugger. To hit a home run with your child, learn how to save money ordering pins in our guide.

Did you know that the first Little League pins were shaped like a hot air balloon? The pins were for the 1983 Little League World Series. This started the pin trading culture that remains such an important part of youth baseball.

Whatever design you're considering for your custom-made baseball pins, you don't want to pay any more than you have to. You can save money without sacrificing quality. Learn more here about how to keep your costs low but your satisfaction high.

What Determines the Cost of Custom-Made Baseball Pins?

Before you can find ways to save money on custom-made baseball pins, you need to understand how the pricing structure works. The price depends on:

Each of these areas gives you opportunities to economize. You can create a unique design and stay within your budget.

Order Baseball Trading Pins in Bulk

Order your baseball trading pins in bulk to take advantage of the best pricing. Many pin manufacturers have a minimum order of 100 pins. You'll usually get a better price if you order at least 200 or 300.

Many teams find that they go through pins faster than they expected anyway. If you're ordering at the beginning of the season, you should plan to order at least 30 pins per player. For a specific tournament, multiply the number of teams in your age group or class by the number of players on your team.

Ordering some extra team baseball pins is always a good idea. You'll be sure that any late additions to the team can participate.

Custom Baseball Pins

Choose a Smaller Pin Size

One easy way to save money on baseball trading pins is to order smaller pins. Most trading pins are around 1.75".

Avoid sizes larger than 2" because they need an oversize mold that usually costs more. They also cost more to ship.

A smaller size can help you stretch your budget. You'll have money left for enhancements like glitter, danglers, or blinkers.

A smaller pin may mean simplifying your design. Some features are difficult or impossible to produce if the pin is too small. An experienced pin manufacturer will help you find the right-sized pin for your design and budget.

Choose the Right Type of Pin

You usually have four options for custom trading pins:

Each type of pin is priced differently. Choosing a less expensive type of pin can make a significant difference in your budget.

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel team baseball pins are typically the most expensive. They're durable and give you vivid colors with a textured surface. The raised metal areas make changing patterns of light and shadow on the pin's surface, which makes the design very vibrant.

You can add many different types of enhancements, like danglers or spinners, to soft enamel pins.

Offset Printed

Offset printed pins are less expensive than enamel. Because the design is printed, it can be very detailed. Drop shadows, gradients, and fine text will all come through on a printed pin.

Offset pins aren't as durable as soft enamel ones. For this reason, a special epoxy dome protects the design. The epoxy gives the pin a glossy appearance.

Quick Pins

Quick pins are a more expensive option because they can be ready very quickly. You can have your pins in as few as four business days.

You have several design options to choose from. Using a stock shape means your pin supplier doesn't have to make a die. This speeds up the production process.

Stock and Generic Pins

Stock and generic pins are an economical option. They give you few if any customization options, but they're available for immediate shipping. Stock pins are die-struck iron.

The minimum order size for stock and generic pins is often lower than for other types of pins. However, your supplier may not have a large quantity on hand if you want hundreds of stock pins immediately. Be sure to contact the supplier when you're considering this option.

Avoid Additional Color Fees

If you choose soft enamel pins, you can keep your costs lower by using only the number of colors included in the basic price. Many manufacturers of baseball trading pins include six or seven colors with no extra charge. You can combine similar colors in your design to reduce your total number.

You may feel that a wider variety of colors is a defining part of your design. In that case, you can ask your pin manufacturer for price quotes with options for different numbers of colors. You may choose to economize in another area if the color selection you want doesn't add significantly to the price.

Custom Baseball Pins

Plan Ahead

As for so many things in life, planning ahead can reduce your costs. Depending on your design and the type of baseball pins you order, production can take as long as four weeks. You may encounter production or shipping delays if you order during peak times of the year.

Planning ahead gives you the time to get the trading pins you really want without needing to pay extra for rush production or shipping.

Finding the Right Manufacturer for Your Custom-Made Baseball Pins

You want your custom-made baseball pins to be as cost-efficient as possible. You don't want them to look like a low-budget special. This is why working with the right pin manufacturer is so important.

BaseballTradingPins.net has been making high-quality pins since 2003. We want to develop a long-term relationship with you and your team, not price gouge you for a quick profit. We offer unique designs, great customer service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you find a similar pin online at a lower price, we'll match it.

Contact us today for a free quote. Let's start designing the baseball trading pins that fit your dreams and your budget.

Wondering the cost of custom baseball trading pins? Wonder no longer! Check out this article to learn how much you should budget for your pins.

Everybody wants their team to have the coolest pin. It's a great way to build team spirit. It also makes it easier to find other pin collectors willing to make a trade.

But you also have to be realistic when putting your design together. Not every team has the budget to throw together an expensive pin with all the bells and whistles.

Custom Made Baseball Trading Pin

So how do you balance creating custom baseball trading pins that your team can be proud of with a sensible budget?

Let's look at the different design elements that go into a pin, how much they cost. By the end of this article, you will know where to spend your money.

1. Types of Pins

There are several different types of pins. Each one has pros and cons.

They do vary in price, but each type of pin will cost you about $2.00-3.00 per pin, assuming you are placing a bulk order of 200 1" pins with no special features.

Cloisonne Pins

Cloisonne pins are the most traditional type of enamel pins. Their completely smooth surface gives them the appearance of fine jewelry.

This type of pins works best for designs with clearly defined regions of color separated by bold lines. If this sounds like the type of design you want, the cloisonne process will make your pins pop like no other.

And, because they have a smooth surface, you can add additional details like color gradients to cloisonne pins with a silkscreen process. This makes cloisonne pins the most versatile type of pin.

The only drawback here is the expense. The extensive polishing and painting process that goes into these pins drives up the price.

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins are very similar to cloisonne pins. They are best for designs that have clearly separated areas of color that can be defined by a thin metal border.

The big difference is that they do not have a flat surface. Instead of being polished to a flush, glossy surface, the enamel is recessed into each region of the design, and the metal borders are slightly raised.

This can be in itself a striking design element, but it does limit some of your creative possibilities. Because the surfaces of these pins are not smooth, they can not be silkscreened to add additional fine detail.

On the plus side, these pins are a bit more affordable because they don't have to go through the extensive hand-polishing process of cloisonne pins.

Die Struck Pins

Die struck pins are essentially soft enamel pins that aren't filled in with color.

The all-metal, monochromatic design also has a timeless and dignified aura. They have the look of an engraved ring or watch.

Of course, you lose out on color, but not every design needs color. For the same reason photographers sometimes still shoot in black-and-white, some things just look better with a classic look.

These pins cost about the same as a soft enamel pin.

Printed Pins

Offset printed pins are typically offered as an option for sports trading pins.

Offset printing provides the most accurate reproduction of a digital image. If you want photographic realism, this is the way to go. If you do decide to go with offset printing, be prepared with a high-resolution image file. If your image is blurry, it will be blurry on the pin. This is the most expensive type of pin.

2. Plating Options

Plating refers to the look of the metal used to make your pin design. There are a few standard options to choose from as well as a few specialized possibilities.

Plating Options with Your Custom Baseball Trading Pin

Standard Metal

Standard metal pins are the most common and cost-efficient choice. Common color options are gold, silver, copper, and black. These will have a shiny, polished finish.

This type of plating usually comes at no extra cost to you.

Antique Metal

These pins come in the same colors as the standard metal pins but have a different texture. They have been treated with steel brushes and special paint to give the pins a weathered look. These are a little more expensive, but give your pins a sense of rugged strength.

Dual Plating

This option combines two pins into one. You can get the bright colors of a cloisonne pin mixed with the classic look of antique metal.

This option requires two pins to be made and adhered to each other, so this is the most expensive option.

Iridescent Plating

This option will really make your pin stand apart from the rest of the pack. Using modern technology, these pins are made from anodized metals that have a rainbow-like finish that is sure to catch everyone's eye.

3. Add-Ons

Here's where we get to the fun stuff. These are the extra touches that will make your pin into something people will really want to remember!

Moving Parts

Add a spinner, dangler, or slider to give your pin that extra bit of sparkle. This adds about $0.50-$1.00 per pin and gives you design an interactive quality.


You can add lights to your pin for about an extra $1.00-2.00. This includes an off-switch, and you can get blinking lights or even multiple lights.

Epoxy Finish

This gives you a design that smoother-than-smooth look. A clear epoxy resin coats the entire design, giving the pin a unified and flawless appearance.

Finding the Perfect Custom Baseball Trading Pins for You

If you're placing a bulk order of about 200 pins for your team, you can expect to spend about $450.00-$500.00. There are a host of add-ons you can use to boost your design, but they will drive up the cost.

We hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any further questions about custom baseball trading pins, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us! You can also use our website to generate a free quote for your upcoming pin order.

Pin trading is an activity where the players trade pins with other participants. Collecting these pins can be done by visiting team sponsors, swapping with friends, or trading at larger, competitive events. Pin trading is popular inside and outside of youth sports. For example, you can even find trading pins for theme parks.

Baseball is a great sport for pin trading, as there are plenty of opportunities to collect pins celebrating your team, as well as other teams that you play against. Many baseball players end up with quite the collection of pins from their days in youth sports. Here are some things to know about pin trading.

What Are Baseball Trading Pins?

Baseball trading pins are wearable metal pins with unique designs that are also used to trade with other enthusiasts. The design of the pins can be anything that you like. We take custom orders, but we also have a large selection of options to choose from.

The trading pins can feature baseball bats and balls, mascots, and scoreboards. Depending on the size of the pin, each player’s name can be listed on the pin. Many baseball trading pins depict information from the tournament or league that ordered it. For instance, regional and national pins are extremely popular.

pin trading, what is pin trading

Who Trades Baseball Pins?

Baseball pins are usually traded by people who want to collect the pins and commemorate the youth baseball experience. It’s a social activity, too. Surprisingly, there are many groups of people that trade or collect baseball pins.

Youth Baseball Players

  Youth baseball players love to collect trading pins, especially pins that feature graphics of their team or the tournaments that they participate in. They can trade pins with the players on other teams so that they can remember all of the teams they played against.

Siblings of Players

Siblings of youth baseball players also love to trade pins, as they wait for games to start and watch their brothers and sisters play. This can give them an opportunity to feel involved in their sibling’s sport. Some youth teams even order extra knowing that siblings would love to have one, too.


Each season is a new opportunity for youth baseball coaches to mentor and get to know a group of players. Coaches often love to collect pins for the special events and team members of the baseball teams they lead.


The parents of Youth baseball players often pay a lot of money for their children to participate in team sports. Having a baseball trading pin to keep is a great way to remember their children’s time spent in baseball leagues long after their kids graduate or move on to playing other sports. It’s always a good practice to keep families involved with baseball in this way.


Aside from parents, there are other family members of youth baseball players that might also love to have a trading pin. This includes grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles that attend the games to cheer their player on.


Sponsors that invest in your youth league may also love to have a baseball trading pin to thank them for their investment.


Local businesses may also want to display baseball pins from local teams, either as decoration or as part of a special promotion for end of season parties or other events.

Where Can You Get Pins?

There are so many places where you can trade or distribute pins for youth baseball players. Here are some of the most common ones:


Baseball trading pins are often distributed at games. This is especially true for the first and last games of the season, as these are the perfect points to really celebrate the team. However, trading can happen at any game. Some teams like to announce in advance that there will be a new pin available, so players can bring their pins from home to trade with other players. In other cases, coaches and parents like to surprise players.


Tournaments are wonderful places to get limited edition pins, such as blackout versions of team pins. It’s not uncommon to see fully upgraded pins with lights, spinners, bobbles, glitter, and glow in the dark paint distributed during these events. Tournaments include regionals and nationals.

pin trading, what is pin trading

Social Events

Fun social events, such as the end of season party, lend themselves to trading pins. Getting new trading pins is an exciting time. It can make the social event seem even more exciting, if players know that they’ll get a new pin by participating. Be sure to advertise that players can get new pins by attending a social event as a way to increase RSVPs and attendance.

Visiting Sponsors and Local Businesses

Sometimes you can get special baseball trading pins by visiting the businesses of sponsors. For instance, a sports restaurant might sponsor jerseys and give away pins or special discounts to players and their families that visit their establishment wearing jerseys or on certain nights.

Where Can You Trade Pins?

Technically, players can trade baseball trading pins anywhere, including at party events, or at school. In terms of officially sanctioned baseball league events, they can trade pins at baseball games, social events, and most importantly tournaments. These are great opportunities to encourage all team members to participate in trading together.

Ways to Store Trading Pins

To display the baseball trading pins at home or during trading events, players will need a way to store their pins. There are many options for how to store trading pins that can be easy to carry and look great. Some teams give away pin storage cases with team information on it at end of season parties for gifts to the players.

Youth baseball trading pins provide lots of opportunities for fun and memory making. It’s not a surprise that it’s become a tradition for many teams across the United States. For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out and complete our online form and we will be happy to assist you further.

Are you a baseball coach looking for other ways to motivate your team? If so, try handing out baseball pins. Here's why they will engage your players.

Did you know that baseball has the highest participation of all team sports in the United States, with over 26 million participants? Every team from the little league to the professionals is experiencing a huge increase in players. Kids and adults alike love baseball.

As with any sport, motivation is key, especially when you're dealing with younger players. Boosting team spirit and celebrating achievements within the sport keeps your players engaged and excited to play.

You can accomplish all of these things with baseball pins. Baseball pins encourage and support your players while keeping them enthusiastic about their sport, all just with a shining piece of enamel. Read on to learn how to build team spirit with Cooperstown baseball pins!

The Value of Team Spirit

You've probably heard the phrase "teamwork makes the dream work." In sports, this is a tested and proven phenomenon.

Team spirit is a feeling of trust, loyalty, and respect between your players. The more team spirit they have, the more pride they'll feel in their team. This results in greater performance, as they're inspired to do well for their teammates.

Baseball pins help bring team spirit and pride.

Team spirit leads to higher levels of morale, and better teamwork. Your team will enjoy more wins and have tons more fun on the pitch.

Team spirit can build naturally, but you can also help it along with team-building activities and some swag. Cooperstown baseball team pins give your players something tangible that represents the team you're building. It gives them something to hold onto and strive for and makes them feel appreciated and respected.

All of these aspects increase the amount of pride your players have in their team, and make them more likely to stick with it!

Build Player Confidence

Confidence is essential for a good performance on the field. Confidence can be a fickle beast, especially when working with younger players.

Sports is a great way for kids and adults alike to build confidence. Seeing themselves grow and perform well gives them a concrete source of self-esteem. You can foster this feeling in your players by rewarding them for their achievements.

Pins for exceptional play boost confidence, making even your most underconfident players more brave and proud. And, when they're feeling low, they can look at the pins as a reminder of all the things they've done well and feel encouraged.

Sometimes your players will be nervous before big matches. This insecurity can easily be driven away by the tangible record of their achievements. With pins that reflect big wins and personal success, your team will have a sense of security and confidence, even before scary games.

Recognizing Team Achievements

In a recently published study, groups of students were told to make as much origami as they could within 20 minutes. In the one group, no recognition was given. In another group, the top performer was recognized with public acclaim.

After the acclaim, the test was repeated. In teams where top performers were recognized, both team and individual performance increased. In teams with no recognition, no improvement occurred.  

In light of this, using Cooperstown pins to reward high performers can improve the performance of everyone on the team, and how well they work together. Celebrating individuals and the team as a whole will greatly improve your team's performance.

You can order custom pins for things like the most improved player, most valuable player, most home runs, most bases stolen, and more! In addition, you can order end-of-season pins to celebrate the achievements of the year!

Trading Pins Promotes Sportsmanship

In addition to recognizing achievements and boosting morale, you can improve your team's sportsmanship by keeping a large quantity on hand and allowing your players to trade pins with other teams.

Trading pins keeps a record of games played, important victories, valuable learning experiences. In addition, trading with other teams fosters good sportsmanship in both victory and defeat. Sportsmanlike conduct is a valuable life skill, and one of the main reasons why parents enroll their kids in team sports.

Handing our trading pins helps with team sportsmanship and teamwork.

Learning how to compete in a healthy way develops the player's humility, compassion, and allows them to make more friends.

In addition, trading pins can increase your reputation, allowing you to get more noticed. The more people talk about you, the better it is for your team and your players!

In order to calculate how many Cooperstown trading pins to order, multiply the number of games during a season by the average number of players on a team. Don't forget coaches and bat boys!

Get the Fans Fired Up

When you players have team pins, they're easy to identify. Fans can easily see top players and big achievements, making them cheer more. The louder the cheers, the better your team feels!

In addition, if your players have a lot of pins on their outfits, recruiters and other managers can pick up on them quickly. This is a great motivator for your team members!

Order Baseball Pins for Your Team Today

Now that you understand some of the benefits of baseball pins, there's no reason to hesitate. Start ordering pins for your team and experience the difference. Your team will be more confident, they'll work better together, and they'll be more gracious in defeat and in victory.

At Cooperstown, we pride ourselves on making high-quality pins for all your team's needs. Custom pins for Cooperstown are our passion, and we love helping your team reach its full potential. Reach out to us today for a free quote on your pins!


How Little League Baseball Inspires Confidence in Children

Having confidence improves your quality of life, which is why it's so important to build up your child's self-esteem when they're young.

And this might not be as hard as you think. We've put together this guide to show you how little league baseball can give your child's confidence a major boost (that will stick with them for the long run).

So let's get started!

Builds and Strengthens Relationships

Baseball doesn't look like a lot of other team sports. Instead of working together in close proximity, such as football or soccer, baseball team members are spread out over a giant field.

But that doesn't mean baseball doesn't require strong teamwork.

Okay, so the field might not be as large when it comes to the little league, but it might seem that way to the kids. Because of this, your child will learn to create and build relationships during practice and game time, and they'll do this in two different ways.


Your child will have to interact with the other kids on their team. They'll need to work together with each other to complete plays and win the game.

How Little League Inspires Confidence

To do this, they'll need to talk and communicate with those kids, which will improve their relationship-building skills. They can then take what they've learned on the field to create friendships in school and other aspects of life.

This might seem like a small thing, but having good friends will boost your child's self-esteem and confidence. As they continue to grow, they can take this confidence with them and use it for things like school, work, family, etc.


Your child won't just develop better relationships with their teammates during the little league season, they can also strengthen their bond with you (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.). If you take them to practice and attend their games, you're spending time doing something your child enjoys.

baseball inspires confidence in children,little league baseball

This shows your child that they're important to you—that they matter.

Because of this, you'll be making a positive impact on how they view themselves and their value, which can lead to more confidence.

Teaches New Skills

Your child doesn't know how to play baseball yet. During their very first practice, they have to step out of their comfort zone and try something they've never done before. No matter how excited your child is to join the little league baseball team, they still have to learn new skills to do so.

This can be a challenge for them.

They might not pick up on things right away. They'll have to practice with the team (and maybe at home alone) before they can throw the ball properly or manage to hit it with their bat.

But over time, they'll get the hang of it.

This will show them that, if they try, they can do things they maybe thought they weren't able to do before, which won't only apply to baseball. Seeing themselves get better at the sport can give them the confidence to try other new activities, such as playing other sports or studying a new subject (or recreational topic).

Not being instantly good at something when they start might not discourage them anymore. Your child will be more willing to stick with something longer to figure out if they truly enjoy it.

And if they don't like it, that's okay, too. What's important is the confidence and the lesson that comes with it. Your child may be more willing to take risks and try new things through their life because of baseball, even carrying this habit into adulthood.

Develops Perseverance

No matter how strong your child's little league team is, they won't win every baseball game (as much as you may want them to!). While it's okay to be disappointed by the loss, this can teach kids a few important lessons.

First of all, it will teach your child that it's okay to fail. It's normal. They won't hold themselves to impossibly high standards because they know failing is a part of the game (or, as they get older, life) and it's natural.

They also will learn how to grow from their failure. Did something go wrong during the game? Did they mess up a play?

That's okay. Knowing where they went wrong will help them figure out what to do and avoid during the next game. Failing will turn them into better players, which can give them more enjoyment during the season.

Finally, losing a few games will show your child they don't have to be afraid of failure. It shouldn't be a fear that holds them back from trying new things. After all, failing is a normal and important part of life.

Your child might not even realize they're learning these things, but building the confidence to push through failure will help them succeed in many other areas as they get older.

How Little League Baseball Inspires Confidence in Children

Little league baseball is more than just a game. Enrolling your child in this sport can teach them a lot of life lessons and help them build their confidence—and have fun at the same time!

But don't make these lessons more important than the game.

Your child is still young. They might not realize the importance of the skills they're learning in practice, but that doesn't matter. Whether they recognize them or not, the lessons will still benefit them throughout their life.

Want to support your child during their next baseball game? Take a look at some of our pin specials!

Youth baseball teams have relied on baseball trading pins for years. They’re a great way to show team spirit and pride. Players love to collect and display pins at tournaments throughout the sporting season. Outside of the actual games, trading pins can be one of the most exciting events at a tournament. On top of this, many baseball tournaments even have special ceremonies dedicated to pin trading. All of the teams get together and it’s a great opportunity for players to interact with umpires, coaches, and each other in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. Plus, if your team comes equipped with a special, unique pin, you can create a memory that will stick out for years to come. 

Types of Baseball Trading Pins

At Baseball Trading Pins, we specialize in a handful of fully custom trading pins that are sure to wow players and coaches alike. Primarily, we work with four different kinds of pins. These include: 

On top of this, we are always willing to deck out your pins with some extra flash. For a pin that’s going to be at the top of every player’s trade list, we can add some additional bling for a low per-pin cost. 

We also frequently offer pin specials so you can score some incredible discounts on popular pin types and styles.

Setting a Trading Pin Budget

For every baseball trading pin, there’s a corresponding price. Before you go crazy with your designs, sizes, and add-ons, you’re going to want to set a firm budget. It’ll help you from spending too much and it will make sure that you’re getting the right products for the right price. There’s an easy way to find out how much you’re willing to spend for each individual pin. 

First, consider the add-ons you want and factor those into your total budget. Remember that, even though some of these only cost ten cents, that number will add up if you’re buying for a larger team. 

Next, consider the level of detail you want. More detail will possibly result in you choosing a soft enamel pin which can add to your final budget. Intricate displays should be discussed with your designer so you can get a ballpark (pun intended) figure for the cost. 

Then, once you’ve added all of these numbers up, factor in some extra padding. This way, even if every player on your team trades a pin, you’ll still have some leftover for commemorative occasions, special events, or simply for the memories. Plus, you want to make sure coaches and umpires get pins too. It’s half of the fun. 

When you have your final number, you can then divide that by the number of players on your team. This will give you a fairly accurate estimation of how much you are going to spend on each pin. If it’s feasible, you’ll want to factor in some wiggle room so you can ensure that you are able to get some extras or do additional bonuses if need be. 

Picking the Right Designer

While there are dozens of companies on the market, few - if any - come close to the quality, professionalism, and attention to detail that we have at Baseball Trading Pins. Our designers work with teams of all sizes to craft the ideal pins and ensure that they match up to your needs. 

We’ll walk you through every step of the design process. If you have an existing design idea, that’s excellent. Bring it to us and we will help you finesse it, choose the right pin type, and suggest add-ons that will take your design to the next level.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure what your design will look like, we’re here to help as well. Whether you have a general concept or you’re starting for scratch we can help your baseball trading pin dreams become a reality. And as far as the artwork is concerned, don’t worry for one second. All of our custom artwork comes included in the final cost so you don’t have to worry about the premium designer fees that some other companies like to charge. 

We can talk through your budget, suggest the right style of pins to meet your price point, and help you work out shipping so your pins arrive well ahead of your next baseball tournament. It’s an exciting step for both you and your players and it’s sure to create memories that will last for a lifetime. 

If you’re ready to learn more about the baseball trading pin background and our design process, contact us today. Our team is ready to help you make an informed decision that will result in a pin that every player in the league will want in their collection. Fill out our quick no obligation form to get started.

There are many things your baseball pins collections is missing. However, here are the top things you should get for it today.

If you're into baseball collector's items, why not start a collection of baseball items you can actually wear? After all, what good is that giant album of baseball cards if no one ever sees them?

Baseball pins collections are a fun way to commemorate your favorite moments in baseball history, favorite teams, players, and brands.

Whether you're looking to start a new collection or you've already got several pins, here are 5 essential things your baseball pins collection needs to be a complete set.

1. Something Vintage

Trading pins is a tradition dating all the way back to the 1896 Olympics. This was the first, modern, official, Olympics and athletes were given small, paper or cardboard pins to wear for identification.

As a gesture of sportsmanship, athletes would swap pins. In later years, pins or national badges were created specifically for Olympians to trade after a match or game. Thus, the baseball pin trade came into being.

Because of this rich history and method of demonstrating good sportsmanship, owning a vintage baseball pin is a perfect way to harken back to the roots of pin-trading.

If your current pins collections don't include a vintage baseball pin, it's time to get one!

Baseball pin trading became especially big in the early 1900s. If you are really savvy at the trade, you can even find a rare baseball pin from the 1940s when the making of pins stopped following the 1936 Olympics.

Pins from before, and especially during 1940, are some of the most prestigious to possess. Including one in your collection is a sure way to show how legit your pin-trading abilities are.

2. A Way to Display

Many collectors will choose to display the pins they are willing to trade on a tri-fold display. This can be cardboard or wood if you're really serious about showing off your pins.

Be aware that if you're wearing your pins to an event with the intention of trading, you shouldn't wear any pins you don't plan to trade. Displaying your pins is a way of saying they are up for trading.

During tournaments, traders often look for pins being worn so they know who they can approach for a trade deal.

The way you display your pins will depend on how many you plan to trade. Scarfs, shirts, and hats are the most common ways to display. However, tri-folds are usually better for large collections.

Just choose the display method that best suits your needs and personality.

3. An Understanding of Trading Etiquette

If you plan on having a real baseball pin collection, you better know the rules of the trading game first. There is a certain etiquette assumed in pin trading that you definitely need to understand before trying to build your collection.

If you need to, write these rules down so you can avoid embarrassing yourself at a tournament or trading event. Having a good grasp of trading etiquette is an important part of collecting.

Rule number 1, don't touch another person's pins. You can look, but don't touch. Until that pin is yours, no one will appreciate you grabbing or handling their pins.

Rule number 2, don't interrupt a conversation. If someone is talking to a pin-owner about a pin you just "gotta have," you're simply going to have to wait your turn.

Texas Heat Baseball Trading Pins 2017

Jumping in or asserting yourself into a trade negotiation that doesn't involve you is just bad manners. Wait for traders to finish talking before you offer your trade.

Another important etiquette rule, keep things friendly.

If things start getting heated, call off a trade. Also, remember that trades should occur among equals. Don't try to scam someone into trading a more valuable pin for one less prestigious.

4. Your Own Team Pin

They may not be the most desired pins of other traders, but your baseball pin collection will never be complete unless it includes a pin branded with your own team logo.

Even if all you ever did was play one season of little league, having your own team pin says you value the game and the experience of participating in it.

Not to mention, designing your own pins is a fun way to show off your creativity. Pull in some design ideas from the classic, vintage pins, and include a modern twist.

Your teammates will love the reference to the "good old days" of baseball and the opportunity to commemorate your season.

If your current team doesn't keep the tradition of trading pins with opponents, you could help get it started. Having your own team pins is a great way to promote good sportsmanship and the love of the game.

5. An Opponent's Pin

Just as with your own team pin, no true collection is complete without the pin of a rival team. Whether this is a pin from an opponent you've played yourself or a pin from your favorite Major League's greatest rival, opponent pins are fun to have.

Sure, you may not wear them to a game or tournament, but they help round out your collection and give it diversity.

Not to mention, it can be hard to trade if the only pins you have in your collection are of one single team.

Diversity in your pins collections gives you more chances to trade and broadens your collection. If you don't already have an opponent or rival's pin, try branching out.

Again, if you've begun the tradition of trading pins with your own team logo, consider encouraging a rival team to do the same. It can be a fun way to start the swapping tradition in your own league.

Baseball Pins Collections: Start Today

Baseball pins collections are a fun way to let your love of the game be known. Creating your own pins is a great way to build team unity and start a fun tradition within a league.

Pin collections always start small, but as you find others who share your passion for the all-American sport, your collection will grow.

Browse soft enamel pins today and get started on creating your own team pin.

Someone thought long and hard about your baseball team's logo. They probably envisioned it being printed on shirts and hats and maybe even as a bumper sticker. But have you thought about turning your team logo into a baseball pin?

There are a few good reasons why adding trading pins can work in your favor on many levels for your team.

A good baseball pin is durable, painted and sealed so that the colors don't fade or chip with use. And that's great considering so many people will have the chance to see your team's logo because of the pin!


Give Your Team Worthy Memorabilia

Pins are an easy way for kids or other fans of your baseball team to show support. A baseball pin can be attached to a collar or a shirt; it can be pinned to jean pockets or stuck onto a bookbag or other luggage.

Supporters of your team will likely sport their pins on gamedays, traveling from the stands to the vendors and back again while showing off your baseball trading pin.

Even when they aren't at the games, team supporters can wear a baseball pin out to strike up conversations and draw a little more attention to your team. Regardless of where it's worn, the pin is like a traveling marketing piece showcasing the ongoing support of your baseball team.

Fans Can Get Into Baseball Pin Trading

If you haven't heard of the world of pin trading, then you have been missing out on a practical addition to the sporting world.

You might have heard about pin trading at theme parks, birthday parties, and even the Olympic Games, but baseball games are a perfect time, too.

Pin trading allows for kids (or adults, we're not judging) a chance to interact with either fellow supporters or those from another team. Pin traders will meet before or after a game and trade pins for others that they prefer.

Pin trading is especially popular for little league baseball teams, where kids build their own networks of friends based on the trading game. Similar to any other collectible (like coins, cards, toys, etc.), it's something to take pride in.

Players and fans can get involved and develop relationships with people they might not have otherwise. And if you do your trading pin right, you might discover that your team can become a trend during baseball trading season.

Boost Team Morale With Baseball Pins

Players endure a lot during baseball season: the physical aches of practices and games, the time and energy required for the sport, the taunts of rival teams, living up to expectations... it's a lot.

What wyou can do to help your baseball team is bring out their fans and show love and support by making customized pins for their team.

When they feel they have fans who support them and are wearing their customized baseball pins, you might find that their performance goes up.

Where to Get Started

If you're interested in taking your baseball pins to the next step for your baseball team, definitely consider a reliable pin company that makes quality products. Our company, Baseball Trading Pins, has been a leader in pin manufacturing since 2003. We have  helped thousands of baseball teams!  We have a talented team of artists and knowledgable customer care team to help you every step of the way with your next pin design.

Contact us today for a quote or browse through our blog to learn more about trading pins! You can also call us at: 1-888-998-1746

Whether you're with a local Little League or a regional travel club, custom trading pins are a staple at baseball fields around the country.

Games and tournaments often see more trading than Wall Street. Players exchange their own pins for new ones, creating friendships and memories.

While most pin manufacturers offer to help with artwork, it's rewarding and special to design your team's pin yourself. Here's our guide on how to design custom trading pins for your baseball team.

Come Up With An Idea

Every great creation starts with an idea.

To design great custom trading pins for your baseball team, you need to brainstorm and develop a concept.

Just like with designing a logo, designing pins is easier said than done. Sometimes we can't come up with anything. Or the opposite happens -- with so many possibilities, it can be hard to narrow them all down.

Even the most creative minds can have "designer's block."

If you're stuck, search for inspiration!

A great way to start is by looking at some of the trading pins your team has used in the past or ones you've collected from other teams. Pick a few favorites, and write down what makes them so cool.

Another way to find inspiration is by browsing an online photo gallery of baseball pins. You can find pins of teams from all around the country, and you don't even need to meet them at a game or tournament to see them.

If you need even more ideas, don't be afraid to expand your search and look beyond baseball. Trading pins are a popular thing to collect in other sports as well. Check out pins made for football, hockey, basketball, and soccer teams.

Also search for pins from theme parks, museums, and events. They might not relate to sports, but they can show you all the possibilities of special things you can put on a trading pin.

Things You Might Include

Luckily, there's a lot of great imagery and symbols in the game of baseball. Here are some elements that you might consider including on your custom trading pins' design.


This is the obvious one, but your baseball pin needs to have a baseball!

Many pins take advantage of a baseball's round shape and use it as the main framework and outline of the design. Circular designs, called roundels, are a common feature of logos. They look great on hats, clothing, and yes, pins!

Baseballs are also great things to use as smaller design elements. They're the perfect thing to use for interactive pin enhancements like sliders, spinners, and danglers.


The diamond shape of the basepath is another iconic symbol of the sport.

Like the circular baseballs, a diamond is commonly used in the background to set the main shape of the pin.


Have you ever seen the skull and crossbones or crossed swords of the Jolly Roger?

Mirroring the famed pirate flag, long objects crossed into an X have long been a common design motif. Crossed baseball bats could add an aggressive feel to your design, even if your team name doesn't relate to pirates.

With their long, flat shape, baseball bats also make good underlines to the name of a team or player.

Team Name, Location, and Logo

After all, these pins are made to represent your team.

Featuring your team's branding helps the fans that wear your pins root on the ballclub. They also help the people you trade pins with remember who you are and where you are from.

Season-Specific Features

Some teams only have a generic pin for their team. It's economical, as they can order a lot of them at once to supply the team's players for several seasons.

But other teams like to order new pins for each season. Each group of players has a unique pin to remember that specific squad.

What can you add to a pin to make it unique? One thing is the year. You can also include the names and numbers of each player on the team, which will likely change every year.

You can also order special pins after the season and make note of the team's accomplishments. You can include the win-loss record and any championships and titles won.

Sketch Your Idea

When you've found inspiration and come up with some ideas in your head, it's time to sketch out your design.

This can be intimidating for some. But you don't need to be a great artist to make a design.

You don't need fancy art tools or an expensive sketch pad to draw some concepts for your pin. Some of the best ideas were drafted on a napkin with an ordinary pen.

Your first drafts will be rough drafts. Don't worry about perfection with these, because the point is only to make a proof of concept.

You may go through several versions of your design before narrowing it down and producing something you truly like. Tinker and tweak until you've found what you're looking for.

For some, this might be the end of your designing. You can send your sketch to your pin maker, and their professional artists will create a more finalized version based on the work you've already done.

The manufacturer will perk up your design to meet their requirements, but the design and ideas will still be yours.

Make Your Pin With Digital Design Software

For more advanced and tech-savvy graphic designers, you may choose to take the designing a step further and make a final version of your design with a digital program.

Hardcore artists may have access to top industry software such as Photoshop and Illustrator through Adobe Creative Cloud. These programs are powerful, but also expensive.

Luckily, budget-friendly alternatives are also available. GIMP and Inkscape are popular graphics programs that are completely free. You can even pull off some fantastic designs with some clever use of PowerPoint.

Digital graphic design might be tricky for novices, but learning how to use editing programs gives you more power to create the perfect artwork for your pin.

Create Your Custom Trading Pins

Once you've created your designs, upload them and send them to the manufacturer. They'll turn your great design into real pins for your team to collect and trade.

Contact us today to get a free quote on your order of custom trading pins for your baseball team.

Ready to embark on your next collecting obsession? Follow these steps to start building the ultimate baseball trading pins collection.

If you play baseball and you haven't been introduced to the world of baseball trading pins, you're missing out.

This tradition is almost as timeless as the sport itself, and many people find great joy in this past-time. It offers players and fans alike a chance to share their love for baseball with something special.

But why are trading pins so special? It's really up to the beholder, but they can stand for the team effort.

These items represent the trials and tribulations that finally got you that championship win. Other pins in your collection might represent teams that you admire.

Not to mention that you can even find trading pins beyond the world of sports!

If you've never collected anything before, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's why, in this article, we're discussing how you can start your own baseball trading pins collection. Keep reading to learn more.

About Baseball Trading Pins

This tradition has its roots in the 1920s in Rochester, NY. It was a bakery that started the trend by distributing pinback buttons that featured hometown heroes or baseball players. You could collect a pin with each purchase of a loaf of bread, and the pins came in sets for collection and/or trade.

These original trading pins are quite valuable today. Fans wear them and collect them for various reasons that include supporting a team or honoring its history.

There are several different kinds of baseball trading pins that you can find for your collection:

Many collectors that are just starting out begin with soft enamel pins. They are long lasting and affordable.

Stock trading pins are simple and basic without personalized details.

Offset digital pins use designs that are encrypted on a metal plate. Photo-etched pins display images.

Why Trade?

No matter what type of baseball trading pins you prefer, you should start a collection.

Trading pins is a great way to get involved in your sport. You can make new friends among those who collect and show support for all of your favorite teams. You can even trade with other players from different states and regions to expand your collection further.

Collecting trading pins will give you something to talk about during the downtime at games and off the field. It's even more exciting when you find someone who has a pin that you've been looking for. Now, which pins are you willing to trade for that one special pin?

That's the fun in it. See how many pins you can collect in a season, and think about which friends you enjoy trading with the most. Remember that you can keep collecting for your whole life, so the opportunities to find your favorite pins are endless.

Find Pins That You Love

Start by finding baseball trading pins that really catch your eye. Pins that represent your own team are a good starting point too. You can also ask your friends if they have duplicates of any pins they may have collected.

You only need one pin to start collecting. Later, it will feel like a game to see when and where you'll find your next pins. Hopefully, it's not too challenging, and you'll be well on your way to a fine collection in no time.

Take Inventory

Now that you have a few trading pins in your inventory, check everything you've collected so far.

You want to make sure you know which pins you have, and which ones mean the most to you. This can help you organize your pins, which will prevent you from accidentally trading them.

If you have any duplicates, ask your friends if they're up for trading something. Or you can wait until the next game and see if there are other players with pins that you might not ordinarily find.

Keep duplicates separated from the rest so you'll be able to access them easier when it comes the time to trade.

Research Values

Believe it or not, baseball trading pins can hold significant value.

It's not likely that your local team pin is worth more than what you paid for it. Who knows, maybe you'll even find one of those original trading pins from the 1920s!

The Internet is a good place to start researching values. You can also take your pins to a local collector's shop where they may be able to assess their worth for you.

Look up trading pin forums and collector's sites online. Don't forget to ask questions.

Don't ever give up a pin if you think it holds value. Do your research first.

Attend a Meeting

Beyond catching up with the other players at your games, try to find out where other pinheads are.

You can find pin meets where collectors come from far and wide to see what other pin collectors have. These are extremely social events that add a little dose of competition to the mix.

Ask teammates and fellow collectors where to find a pin meet near you.

Check online forums to find out where other collectors are meeting in your region or state.

Have Fun

The most important thing to collecting trading pins is to have fun.

This is an awesome hobby for many sports enthusiasts who want to further involve themselves in this awesome sport.

Don't be let down by a shutout. Get out there and trade some baseball pins with your opponents, and make friends.

Get Your Trading Pins

Starting a new baseball trading pins collection is exciting because you'll have an opportunity to share with all of your friends.

As you get older, your pins might even be worth some money. Not to mention the sentimental value they hold for years to come.

Look for other 'pinheads', those that also enjoy collecting these items, so you can have others to trade with. You can easily display your pins on a cap or backpack so that they know you're interested in trading too.

Keep this timeless tradition alive by starting your own collection today. You won't be disappointed.

If you're interested in purchasing baseball trading pins, or if you have questions, contact us. We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee!

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