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March 3, 2022

What Is Pin Trading?

March 3, 2022

Pin trading is an activity where the players trade pins with other participants. Collecting these pins can be done by visiting team sponsors, swapping with friends, or trading at larger, competitive events. Pin trading is popular inside and outside of youth sports. For example, you can even find trading pins for theme parks.

Baseball is a great sport for pin trading, as there are plenty of opportunities to collect pins celebrating your team, as well as other teams that you play against. Many baseball players end up with quite the collection of pins from their days in youth sports. Here are some things to know about pin trading.

What Are Baseball Trading Pins?

Baseball trading pins are wearable metal pins with unique designs that are also used to trade with other enthusiasts. The design of the pins can be anything that you like. We take custom orders, but we also have a large selection of options to choose from.

The trading pins can feature baseball bats and balls, mascots, and scoreboards. Depending on the size of the pin, each player’s name can be listed on the pin. Many baseball trading pins depict information from the tournament or league that ordered it. For instance, regional and national pins are extremely popular.

pin trading, what is pin trading

Who Trades Baseball Pins?

Baseball pins are usually traded by people who want to collect the pins and commemorate the youth baseball experience. It’s a social activity, too. Surprisingly, there are many groups of people that trade or collect baseball pins.

Youth Baseball Players

  Youth baseball players love to collect trading pins, especially pins that feature graphics of their team or the tournaments that they participate in. They can trade pins with the players on other teams so that they can remember all of the teams they played against.

Siblings of Players

Siblings of youth baseball players also love to trade pins, as they wait for games to start and watch their brothers and sisters play. This can give them an opportunity to feel involved in their sibling’s sport. Some youth teams even order extra knowing that siblings would love to have one, too.


Each season is a new opportunity for youth baseball coaches to mentor and get to know a group of players. Coaches often love to collect pins for the special events and team members of the baseball teams they lead.


The parents of Youth baseball players often pay a lot of money for their children to participate in team sports. Having a baseball trading pin to keep is a great way to remember their children’s time spent in baseball leagues long after their kids graduate or move on to playing other sports. It’s always a good practice to keep families involved with baseball in this way.


Aside from parents, there are other family members of youth baseball players that might also love to have a trading pin. This includes grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles that attend the games to cheer their player on.


Sponsors that invest in your youth league may also love to have a baseball trading pin to thank them for their investment.


Local businesses may also want to display baseball pins from local teams, either as decoration or as part of a special promotion for end of season parties or other events.

Where Can You Get Pins?

There are so many places where you can trade or distribute pins for youth baseball players. Here are some of the most common ones:


Baseball trading pins are often distributed at games. This is especially true for the first and last games of the season, as these are the perfect points to really celebrate the team. However, trading can happen at any game. Some teams like to announce in advance that there will be a new pin available, so players can bring their pins from home to trade with other players. In other cases, coaches and parents like to surprise players.


Tournaments are wonderful places to get limited edition pins, such as blackout versions of team pins. It’s not uncommon to see fully upgraded pins with lights, spinners, bobbles, glitter, and glow in the dark paint distributed during these events. Tournaments include regionals and nationals.

pin trading, what is pin trading

Social Events

Fun social events, such as the end of season party, lend themselves to trading pins. Getting new trading pins is an exciting time. It can make the social event seem even more exciting, if players know that they’ll get a new pin by participating. Be sure to advertise that players can get new pins by attending a social event as a way to increase RSVPs and attendance.

Visiting Sponsors and Local Businesses

Sometimes you can get special baseball trading pins by visiting the businesses of sponsors. For instance, a sports restaurant might sponsor jerseys and give away pins or special discounts to players and their families that visit their establishment wearing jerseys or on certain nights.

Where Can You Trade Pins?

Technically, players can trade baseball trading pins anywhere, including at party events, or at school. In terms of officially sanctioned baseball league events, they can trade pins at baseball games, social events, and most importantly tournaments. These are great opportunities to encourage all team members to participate in trading together.

Ways to Store Trading Pins

To display the baseball trading pins at home or during trading events, players will need a way to store their pins. There are many options for how to store trading pins that can be easy to carry and look great. Some teams give away pin storage cases with team information on it at end of season parties for gifts to the players.

Youth baseball trading pins provide lots of opportunities for fun and memory making. It’s not a surprise that it’s become a tradition for many teams across the United States. For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out and complete our online form and we will be happy to assist you further.

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