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January 31, 2023

3 Tips to Teach your Children About Pin Trading

January 31, 2023

Pin trading in sports first started in the 1890s as a way to promote companies to baseball fans. Today, pin trading is a worldwide phenomenon in all sports. 

You can find pin trading at trade shows for many industries. Pin trading is a popular activity at Disney theme parks. Athletes participate in pin trading at the Olympic Village during the Summer and Winter Games, a tradition that began at the first modern Olympic games in 1896.

For children just getting started in pin trading, sporting events provide a great opportunity to get involved. There is an avid pin trading world for collecting sports pins. 

But before you have your child slide into the world of pin trading, there are a few key tips your child should know. Read on for tips to make the pin trading experience an enjoyable one for your child.

1. How to Decide What to Trade and Collect

Even with unlimited time and money, it would be impossible for someone to collect every type of pin out there. When your child starts collecting pins, it is a good idea to set some limits.

Deciding how big a collection should be can involve discussions about how much space you have for the pins. For instance, some pin collectors use a corkboard to show their pins. When the board is full, they have to decide what to keep and what to trade or give away.

Tips to Teach Children About Pin Trading
Tips to Teach Children About Pin Trading

Another factor to consider is the cost of pins. Whether your child will purchase pins to add to their collection or purchasing pins that they can trade, setting a budget will be helpful. 

Once you've got the ground rules established with your child, now the fun can begin. Talk about what types of pins they find most appealing. It could be for a particular sport, a geographic area, or even a particular color.

Determine whether the pins that your child trades for are ones they plan to keep trading away or if they will have some that end up in a permanent collection. Some children enjoy the act of trading pins more than the collecting of pins.

Some pins may have significant monetary value. While it is unlikely someone would trade a 1911 Philadelphia Athletics Press Pin to your child, if your child is told that a pin is particularly valuable from a collectible standpoint, take a look on ebay to get a general idea of its market value.

2. How to Ask Politely and Handle Rejection

In addition to the fun aspect of pin trading, the act of pin trading itself provides valuable life skills. In order to trade, your child will need to engage in social interaction with another person, sometimes an adult.

Explain that to start asking about a trade, be polite. Don't interrupt if the person is speaking with someone else. Make eye contact and speak in a clear voice. Don't grab for a pin without permission.

Once they have the attention of the pin trader, your child can introduce themselves, and propose a trade. 

This is also a great opportunity to learn more about the pin they are looking at. Let your child ask questions that they are curious about. Is the pin old or new? Is the pin about a team or does it commemorate an event?

Sometimes pins can have a fascinating story behind them.

Although most pin trades are one pin for one pin, some collectors may want to trade a couple more common pins for a rarer pin. You can teach your child the art of negotiation. 

In some cases, a pin trader may have a particular pin that they don't want to trade, but just bring to show. Teaching your child how to handle rejection if a trade isn't successful is an important life skill. 

3. How to Care For and Display a Pin Collection

Once your child has a collection of pins, this provides a great opportunity to teach responsibility in caring for the collection. 

There are a variety of different pins created for trading, including soft enamel pins and molded pins. Some pins come with a safety back pin, and others are a pin that is covered by a rubber or metal clutch.

Pins that have a pin covered by a clutch backing are easily displayed on a corkboard or decorated foam board that can be mounted into a frame. For example, a foam board designed to look like a softball is great for displaying a softball pin collection.

You can wear pins on jackets or vests, and there are collectible pin booklets with padded pages for portability when trading.

The two main factors your child will need to know is to protect the pin front from scratches and protect the pin back from bending. Most modern pins are made from materials that are resistant to rust. 

Tips to Teach Children About Pin Trading
Tips to Teach Children About Pin Trading

For pins that are worn on a jacket, hat, or vest, special locking pinbacks provide an added layer of security. These special backs are tightened in place with a small hex key, ensuring that a pin will not fall off of an article of clothing.

To keep pins clean, simply use a slightly damp cloth. Harsh cleaners can cause damage to pin surfaces and should be avoided. Aside from that, pins require minimal regular care, making them a perfect collectible for children of all ages.

Pin Trading: A Hobby That Can Last a Lifetime

Pin trading is a fun hobby that reinforces the values of camaraderie and good sportsmanship between pin traders. It gives a great way for kids to connect with different teams, players, and fans, along with valuable life skills. With a variety of unique designs, there will be something for every child to take an interest in when they start collecting pins.

Considering creating pins for your own softball team? Contact us today for a quote to help your fans or players start collecting softball pins. 

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