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May 31, 2022

What are the Most Common Baseball Trading Pin Sizes Baseball Teams Order?

May 31, 2022

Baseball trading pins are an affordable and easy way to show your team spirit. When you are looking to show your team spirit and support, baseball trading pins are a great way to celebrate your team and the ultimate sports collectible. They are fun and affordable, with a wide variety of designs that can be personalized for the wearer. With so many sizes, it's difficult to know which one you might need when you're looking for a particular size. Here is a guide on what baseball trading pin sizes teams order most often.

1.25 Inches

The small 1.25-inch size is the most affordable trading pin size. It's great for people that like to trade with others or give them as gifts. It's also the smallest size, which makes it harder to fit a large amount of detail on this small of a pin. You wouldn’t be able to fit player names or numbers on this size of pin. However, you could have a pin with the team mascot or with baseball iconography on it. This size makes a cute and versatile pin for players. However, if you are looking for something bigger than a basic pin design, you may want to consider another size. This baseball trading pin size is great because it’s simple but still looks amazing.

1.5 Inches

A good medium sized pin is 1.5 inches and makes a great addition to the baseball pin trading collection of any player. Medium pins are popular for school teams and community teams and can be worn on a shirt, pants, or jacket. They make a great stocking stuffer or end of year present. Medium pins are popular for schools and clubs as they offer versatility and can feature more detail than smaller pins, including the addition of player jersey numbers. You can show off your team's logo and maybe even the number of players or coaches on the team. This is one of the most popular sizes for teams who want to show their team’s pride on a larger scale than 1 inch pins.

1.75 Inches

This is the size most often ordered by parents and coaches that want to balance detail against cost. It’s a large enough surface to start to really add detail to. This includes player numbers, the team name, and the city where the team comes from. Many of the available upgrades look amazing on a pin of this size. It provides plenty of space on which to fit a large amount of detail and information on your pin. You can work in some flair and your team logo as well. 

2 Inches

Extra large pins are about 2 inches long or bigger and are the most popular among teams for having the largest amount of detail. They come in a variety of colors and styles that can be personalized, with a variety of raised metal designs, including player names. This size is perfect for those that want to show their team spirit at school, work, or at home. The pins are durable and can feature much more detail than a one inch pin. 

All Baseball Trading Pins are Custom

Trading pins are a great way to show your team spirit and support for your team. You can get your team logo, colors, mascot, player names, and more. Every pin made by Baseball Trading Pins is 100% custom. This means that you get to decide what it looks like and what information is included. Common elements most pins have are: team name, team logo, age group, year, tournament, state and the names or numbers of players.  

Cooperstown Custom Baseball Pin

Our art department can help you come up with the right design that reflects your unique team. You do not need to have any art skills or hire a designer on your own to be able to order the customized baseball trading pins you want for your team or school. Our team of designers has the experience designing baseball trading pins and is available to help. We will send you a proof of the final design to approve before we continue with the order.

The Larger the Pin, The More Customizations and Details are Possible

The number of customizable options available for baseball trading pins is a result of the size. The more that is able to be personalized, the larger the pin. As the size of a pin gets larger, so will the number of options for customization. Size is the only determining factor when it comes to making more or less customizable sports pins. The more space on a pin, the more customizations are possible. These customized options include team names, player names or numbers, emblems, and/or sports logos. 

American Legends Custom Baseball Pin

Even on small pins, there are a number of options for customization like custom colors, a select number of team or player names, and text. Design plays an important part in determining what information and details can fit on any pin. If you want more text on a one inch pin, it might be possible with the right design. Our designers can work with you to find the perfect pin design for your needs. 

Contact Our Design Team to Get Started Today

Baseball trading pins are a great way to promote your team, school, or business. But before you order a batch of your new baseball trading pins, consider the size of the pin. You'll want to make sure you have the right size pin for your needs. The size of the pin will largely determine the level of customization possible. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to contact a representative from Baseball Trading Pins for assistance. We’re here to answer any questions that you might have.

Youth baseball trading pins provide lots of opportunities for fun and memory making. It’s not a surprise that it’s become a tradition for many teams across the United States. For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out and complete our online form and we will be happy to assist you further.

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